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How India's Growth Curve Can Reach A New High Riding On Artificial Intelligence Every industry, be it e-commerce or education or fashion, is trying to introduce AI in every way conceivable to get the desired results.

By Nidhi Singh

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is racing fast with booming start-ups, in terms of popularity and wide acceptability for its immense possibilities to boost productivity and propel economic growth. Every industry, be it e-commerce or education or fashion, is trying to introduce AI in every way conceivable to get the desired results. Prakash Mallya, Managing Director, Intel South Asia, shared his insight into Artificial Intelligence and talked about India's need for the same, on the sidelines of an event to mark Intel AI Day.

"We conceptualized the AI Day a few months ago to bring together different industries, even communities and ecosystems to talk about Artificial Intelligence. Intel's point of view is that other than this one obvious reason, the event can also serve as an opportunity to seek and receive feedback on the same, hold discussions with ecosystems on how we can work jointly to accelerate the implementation or usage of AI and transform lives of every individual in the country," he said.

The key thing to remember is that AI is what it does, the managing director added. It absolutely needs to impact two things differently for different people — productivity and experience. It also aims at changing the way people engage with technology, he underscored. Mallya touched upon a few points for the proper implementation of AI in the country.

Collaboration With The Industry & Academia To Democratize Artificial Intelligence

Being a data company, Intel is the driving force behind solutions to use and analyze data for transforming industry, government and e-government.

He believes that the basic nature of everything is changing because the amount of data being generated or has already being created is greater than ever before. He feels Intel's collaboration with the industry & academia will help democratize Artificial Intelligence.

What Does AI Mean To India?

Each sector uses AI differently. The adoption of AI technology has already gained popularity, drawing good attention in every sector, looking to solve complex problems. The managing director gave some examples to prove how AI would impact every single industry:

Artificial Intelligence in Government Services: The government can use AI in the area of defense, security and surveillance. Building it within the policy construct would help in the holistic development of India.

Research Institutions: We could also invest in research institutions to further the cause of artificial intelligence of the country. India is always known for its trade developing network community. If we invest significant amount of resources in the area, the country's position in AI will change dramatically.

Healthcare: The ratio between doctors and patients in the country presently stands at 1: 1,862. It's a well accepted truth that the health sector suffers because of the lack of quality doctors. A technology like AI could be used to have proper diagnostics and a high quality medicine delivery system, irrespective of where people are staying. There are a few start-ups working in the country to improve the quality of healthcare facilities provided to the masses.

Information Technology: We have seen that system integrators have started investing in AI-backed technology because the latter ensures a tremendous increase in productivity. It helps them do things better and there is a monetary impact to that productivity for sure. System integrators are investing in AI and it would place our IT companies well ahead of many of the other global competitors in the area.

Nidhi Singh

Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific

A self confessed Bollywood Lover, Travel junkie and Food Evangelist.I like travelling and I believe it is very important to take ones mind off the daily monotony .

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