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This Company is Set Out to Be a Challenge to Bloomberg and Reuters Terminals Data analytics has assumed a key role to hunt out useful information that will help users make sound business decisions

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While two big business news terminals Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters are dominating the space by providing researched data about various companies for public knowledge and awareness, this company is aiming to disrupt the space with its unwavering grit, apparently unfazed by the stiff competition that these two big brothers pose.

The self-funded data analytics firm Televisory India, founded by a Chartered Accountant-turned-entrepreneur Shiv Dave, is setting out to become the leading provider of benchmarking and data analytics services.

In an exclusive conversation with Entrepreneur India, Dave said he didn't consider the global news terminals as its competitors because the work Televisory does is completely different to what other news wires do.

Structured Data with Years of Information

Dave is very clear about the company's approach and operations. He pitched for his company's method stating, "Our approach has never been applied before. Business news terminals give latest information about various enterprises considering their financial position, but we store up operational and financial data of over 12 financial periods — five annual and seven quarterly periods. For each period, we provide an average of 200 unique data related to a company, which no company does."

Dave claimed that the company presents the data in the most structured and authenticated way. "Go on internet to check and you will find nobody giving the information the way we give," he said.

Headquartered in Singapore, Televisory has built a database covering 21 sectors in a short span. It now has operations in 20-24 countries.

Market Needs

Determined to create a space for the product, the founder has sacrificed his high-profile corporate job to build two firms – Emondobiz, a boutique financial advisory firm, and Televisory, a data analytics service provider. He has been juggling the responsibilities towards his two ventures like an expert.

What is the need for the product in the market? Elucidating on this, Dave said in such challenging times, data analytics has assumed a key role to hunt out useful information that will help users make sound business decisions. "That's where Televisory plays an important role," he asserted.

Dave found one key element of financial analytics missing and that prompted him to set up the company in 2013.

Besides, he also realized that small to medium companies lacked systemic analytic apparatus within their organizations.

Televisory's database boasts of listed companies and Dave wishes to include the non-listed companies as well. He said non-listed company data will be protected by keeping them anonymous.

Gaining Foothold

This start-up is on a drive to ensure "Information Globalization' in its true sense. This fully automated data analytics platform has been successful in helping around 700 industrial segments. It is focusing to get patent right.

(Interview by Aashika Jain)

Komal Nathani & Aashika Jain

Entrepreneur India

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