How To Deal With Cybersecurity And Threats That Youngsters Face?

Challenges faced by adults due to Cybersecurity when dealing with children or teens

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By Vidhushi Daga

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While our country is rapidly moving towards digitalisation to achieve PM Modi lead dream of a "Digitally transformed India' which on one hand will ease the nature of the business and make life easier for all. With all facilities, just a click away. But nevertheless, there are concerns from another section which are voiced with regards to security being threatened and misuse of information, which has posed a major danger for people across sections and in particular kids and teenagers who spend most of their time online for various purposes.

Security Threat to Children

Children face a prominent security threat as most of them are unaware of how they can be attacked or bullied by various threats in the first place. Kids usually get affected by them without their knowledge when they check out web-links to "fan sites' that contain malicious links or "free stuff', messages that look like they're from friends, offers of free music or movies or ringtones or anything else that a child might be tempted to download.

Can not Avoid Technology

Everyone has digitally connected today whether it is by surfing the web, watching videos, playing games, using an application or even texting on the mobile phone. As technology advances so do the perils of technology also manifests in different ways and at the same time can be a boon or bane for all. The only way to be wary of this is by ensuring some watchful control as parents and teachers over what is permitted for their use and help them be cautious about their usage and explain to them what is cyberbullying, how to ensure there is virus protection, netiquette and awareness about anything they also might find suspicious in the process. It is also imperative to educate them never to give out their passwords or other important personal information online, to strangers or virtual friends. The devices at home that are being used should be protected with good security software that is updated and safe to use, which automatically helps keep your system safe and decreases the chances of picking up malware. As parents, guardians or teacher's one should regularly monitor their online activity from time to time to prevent them from facing a direct potent threat in future immediately.

Technology and Risks

The fact that there are risks cannot be a reason to avoid using technology or to keep it away from children or others. But it is important to think about what you and your kids can do to reduce risk and learn how to recover if something does go wrong. We all learn a whole lot from making mistakes and recovering from them. Just as with everything else in life, we can't eliminate every possible risk associated with technology, but by using common sense and taking reasonable precautions we can greatly reduce potential risk largely. Security risks and few other can be a problem, but the benefits of today's technology are far-reaching and life-changing.

Technology and the risks associated with it are also constantly evolving so as everything else also but the human species is intelligent enough to take up the challenges posed before them and resolve it aptly too. As the need of the hour is to adopt technology one has to be judicious in using the advanced technology that we have before us.

Vidhushi Daga

Chief Executive Officer, Clone Futura & WHIZ Juniors

Vidhushi Daga was a former equity arbitrage trader at Damani Securities. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce, H.R College of Commerce and Economics; Certification in Computer Programming, National Institute of Information Technology. 

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