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'Initial Traction For E-Mobility Especially In Four-Wheelers Will Come From Fleet Operators' According to Anirudh Arun, chief operating officer, Blu Smart Mobility, the initial traction, especially in the four-wheelers segment will come from fleet operators

By Shreya Ganguly

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According to several reports, it is believed that e-mobility in India will be led by two- and three-wheelers while the electric vehicle (EV) revolution in the four-wheeler segment will be seen among the fleet operators.

This was concurred by Anirudh Arun, chief operating officer, Blu Smart Mobility, who believes that the initial traction, especially in the four-wheelers segment will come from fleet operators. While speaking to Entrepreneur India during the Start-up Summit 2019 organised by Franchise India, Arun explained that the reason for this is that the current scenario supports adoption of EVs as a part of fleet operator rather than as a personal vehicle.

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Founded by Puneet Singh Jaggi, Anmol Singh Jaggi and Punit K Goyal, Blu Smart provides ride-sharing services using electric four-wheelers. In September, the start-up raised $3 million in angel round from KA Enterprises, investment office of Deepika Padukone; JITO Angel Network; Kalpavriksh Trust (Centrum VC Fund); Survam Partners (family office of Hero Group's Suman Kant Munjal), along with other prominent names.

Explaining Blu Smart's future plans, Arun said the start-up is scaling up its charging infrastructures and is also partnering with people who want to deploy cars on Blu Smart's platform. According to Arun, Blu Smart also has certain algorithms in place which advice them on when and where to charge vehicles.

Shreya Ganguly

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