International Women's Day 2021: Edvizo Launches Webinar To Spread Awareness About Breast Cancer

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In a move to celebrate the International women's day, edtech startup Edvizo organized a webinar on "#ThinkPink", at the school in Jharkhand on Monday. The aim of the webinar was to spread awareness about the silent killer- Breast Cancer.

Around 40 school girls and 15 female teachers were present and the team was delighted in educating teenagers to empower them to fight the deadly disease like a strong girl.

For over a century, 8 March each year as International Women's Day continues to mark a day of celebration, recognition and advocacy for women's rights, well-being and parity around the world.

This year too women's presence in the houses, workplaces, and our lives is being celebrated; however, the ongoing outbreak of the pandemic, has posed many limitations to the activities that could be organised to commemorate this special day.

Being the pioneer of connecting educational dots, Edvizo organised a webinar to educate people and salute every SHERO without whom every home, heart and feeling is incomplete.

The virtual session aimed to spread awareness about Breast cancer, the commonest cancer in women on the planet. Dr Manu Gupta, MS in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, who drove the event to promote awareness, and kindle combating, spirit in participants to take care of their physical and mental health, chaired the event.

She reiterated what "exactly' breast cancer is, and how it is caused. From her work life experiences, she was able to dust the clouds of doubts and bust myths that our participants had. The event gained more significance when she highlighted ways to fight this cancer.

"I'm delighted to join you to celebrate International Women's Day, and in particular to be enabled to address people about breast cancer, knowledge about which is scanty," Dr Gupta added.

Meanwhile, Afifa Hayat, an official at Edvizo, said, "we have always given priority towards ensuring good health and well-being of the communities around our areas of operations. As part of this effort, we have come forward to make people aware about some important things. I am confident that the knowledge-sharing sessions organized on International Women's Day have been effective in imparting important and relevant information to the community members about the disease."

This year, like most of the world, we all gathered online instead of in-person, making the virtual event a success for International Women's Day. It was great to listen to about experiences, provide them knowledge, and advise what should be done to make change.

This day holds a special significance to Edvizo, which always strives to assess and address the outgrowing needs for students and coaching institutes, and set up a proper admission and technological solutions for latter, freeing them to focus on providing high-quality education standards and former to learn in a competitive and challenging environment.

Edvizo proudly wishes every woman across the world and time a very happy Women's Day.

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