Why the Internet of Things is Taking Over the Markets

Internet of things has empowered Entrepreneurs in cost-cutting, efficiency and even by helping them gain new opportunities and novel ideas

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By Dr. Saarthak Bakshi


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The technological innovations and newness in the businesses have been suffering an amplified transformation. These originality and freshness experienced in technology is undoubtedly a boon and is a host to several opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs. It also offers the businesses the prospect of emerging newer products or services and engages them in new horizons of greater breaks. One of the very interesting yet remarkable technologies in the Business Sector is the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a network of linked devices with unique identifiers which have inserted expertise and are equipped with technologies that enable them to sense, gather and communicate the data. The implanted knowledge in the equipment assists them to network with internal and external sources which in turn affects the decisions making of the business.

The Internet of Things lays several advantages for Business as really affects its efficiency and effectiveness for magnifying of productivity.

  1. Poses More Opportunities for the Business: Since the IoT has been connected to several devices its actions as a multitude of greater data. This data collected from the embedded devices collect information that aids and assists the companies to advance with a greater increased vision and insight of the company. This vital information, therefore, poses greater opportunities in the young minds of the entrepreneurs for who closely scrutinize the productivity and performance through real-time information.

  2. Enhanced Inventory Management: For a business to run effectively and efficiently, it is important that it traces its inventory on a regular basis. The IoT Systems can help you track all the inventory item to item with its remote and real-time monitoring. This shall significantly reduce the unethical practices carried out by the employees and shall maintain all the inventory records in a systemized and in an organised manner.

  3. Efficient Processes: With improved information about the consumers and the market, the output and efficiency of any business can be increased remarkably. When IoT devices are linked to each other and organized to improve efficiency, this shall directly affect the productivity of the business. IoT really promotes the process of getting greater work done within significantly lesser time. The modern IoT progresses enable greater efficiencies for you and your workers. You shall finish greater and more tasks with superior accuracy.

  4. Regular Customer Engagement: With devices and novel technology always at the customer's disposal, this shall automatically lead to their greater engagement. Not only this, when the products and the services are altered according to their needs and preferences they will be delivered to the users without any systems.

  5. Safety and Security: The IoT services are united with sensors and video cameras which really help in fully monitoring and scrutinizing the workplace to ensure safety. This shall substantially reduce the exposure to thefts and fire. The IoT connectivity provides essentially required security as well.

  6. Cost Saving: The above-mentioned benefits also eventually result in reduced costs and resources while enhancing the productivity levels along with the efforts of the manpower.


Because of these manifold advantages, the Internet of Things has majorly taken over the markets in the last few years. It's essentially viable benefits have really empowered in catering to several Entrepreneurs in cost-cutting, efficiency and even by helping them gain new opportunities and novel ideas. No doubt, that this technology has advanced the country.

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi

Founder & CEO - International Fertility Centre

Saarthak Bakshi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Fertility Centre. He is known for his persona as an engineer, an entrepreneur and a social worker. He soon realized that he has an inborn passion for entrepreneurship and went on to launch a slew of ventures including International Fertility Centre.


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