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Who would bet on two business school dropouts with no prior background in computing?

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Who would bet on two business school dropouts with no prior background in computing, and who were unable to build their first prototype even two years after delving into it? But Fluid.AI founders and siblings, Abhinav Aggarwal and Raghav Aggarwal, are on a dream run now, with their company recently getting valuation of US$100 million.

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While on a vacation in New York, they had visited a hackathon and were hooked. Initially, they were coding from home. "Vodafone deployed our product across the metros. Thereon, we grabbed the eyeballs of prominent Indian banks," says Abhinav.

Today, at Fluid.AI's corporate office, you will be greeted with a digital bot at the reception. They have designed a similar product for RBL Bank where a screen recognizes your face and provides loan and credit card services with just hand gestures. They built Jio Interact for Reliance, where Bollywood stars such as Amitabh Bachchan interact with users in a real-life video call.

The Aggarwals are touting their next product to be the world's first AI-backed call centre aiding business of a prominent North American Bank. The Mumbai-based venture has branches in the US, the Netherlands and Mauritius. They have turned away all funding interests so far, citing scaling with growth as the core agenda. The Fluid team works across verticals with their conversational platform clocking 55 million users.