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NFT Marketing Consultant Shares His Strategy For Successfully Launching Over 400 NFT Projects In Three Months Arvin Khamseh comes with a long tenured history freelancing in the marketing industry

By Shishir Jajoo

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NFT. If you haven't heard this acronym (short for non-fungible token), then you probably haven't been on social media or the Internet for the last year. A new form of sharing art, collectibles, and even doing transactions, NFTs, based on blockchain technology, have opened up a new industry that has already made investors/creators billions. While the opportunity to make money is very real, many do not have the skill or know how to capitalize on this 21st century gold rush. That's where Arvin Khamseh comes in. With a long tenured history freelancing in the marketing industry, he has become an invaluable resource to many that are seeking to launch a successful, high-level NFT art project.

In October 2021, Arvin landed his first NFT art project. "I remember receiving a notification from an artist in Italy that had found me online. He wanted me to handle his project. Of course, I said yes." After helping him through a successful NFT launch, Arvin realized that he had a knack for this and decided to pursue more projects on the side. "I didn't realize how big this would be. I was still working for some pretty big companies at the time, and just thought this would be a side gig." What he thought would be a side project quickly turned into a full time job. By the end of that month, he had managed over 100 projects including some well-known and sold out projects such as Women of Crypto, Froggos, Sand Vegas Casino Club. At the time of this article, he has already managed over 400 NFT launches. While the world of NFTs and blockchain is still relatively new, Arvin has already developed a formula to help his clients consistently launch successful projects.

The first step that he shares is the importance of having an experienced marketing professional on your team. "The beauty of NFTs is that anyone can do it. This is also a curse." Often, an artist will be inspired to create a project and connect with a developer to set up everything. This, according to Arvin, is a recipe for disaster. "A lot of these artists and developers have no business sense, so their project really is a stab in the dark." What he offers is experience. With nearly a decade of experience working with small businesses, billion dollar corporations and everything in between to grow and scale their business through marketing, he has a unique understanding of marketing that others do not.

The second step he shares is the importance of pre-release strategy. As is common in many industries - speed matters. While many view an NFT as another form of e-commerce, Arvin notes that there is an extreme difference. "With e-com, you have months to figure out the best marketing strategy while you look to build your brand. With an NFT launch, you don't have that time." As a collectible item, the most important thing you can do is create scarcity and intrigue around your project. If you fail to do that before your launch date, your project is pretty much doomed to fail. That's why metrics are extremely important. Arvin looks at three specific metrics. Number of members in discord (3-5x project size), number of followers on twitter(half project size), and the number of whitelisters (pre-launch buyers, half the size of project). "You need the correct number of each to ensure success. A project of 10,000 nfts needs at least 30k members on discord. The key is that you have engaged followers who are ready to take action. Don't buy followers."

The final step is execution. Once you have the engaged following that you need. You need to be positioned to execute. That means you have the money and emotional fortitude to execute your launch." According to Arvin, if you cut on any of these, you greatly increase the chance of your project failing. "I remember a client had done everything right. They built their audience, they targeted them with ads and then they cut off all ad spend and communication the day before their launch… Why? Because they were tired." He continued. "Launching an NFT is a business - and business can be tiring, but you have to keep moving." According to Khamseh, a successful launch will require at least $60,000 for marketing costs, and dedication to see a project through. "You only get one shot. It's very hard to come back from an unsuccessful launch."

Whether you are looking to start offering your marketing skills to an NFT project or are looking to launch your own NFT project, you can learn more about how Arvin Khamseh has helped his clients to be successful in this new space. He shares free tips and knowledge regularly on Twitter. On the platform, he also shares more about his work and presents the opportunity to work with him.

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