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Pixel Art Is Back, And Now You Can Be a Part Of the Revolution Satoshi Runners aims to redefine the value and advantages of pixel art NFTs

By Srivatsa KR

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Pixel art is making a comeback, and it's not just retro gamers who are getting in on the act. In early 2022, Satoshi Runners announced a new line of pixel art products inspired by the world of Cryptopunk.

Satoshi's Cryptopunk pixel art project will bring together some of the best-known names in the pixel art world to create a line of products based on the Cryptopunk universe. Satoshi is teaming up with 0xFocus, Internet marketing expert, early NFT adopter, and 7-figure entrepreneur. Zakareth, an investor and entrepreneur, is also an avid NFT enthusiast who will spearhead the creation and marketing of this new project.

Satoshi Runners has so far collaborated with 250+Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders, Chain Runners, CryptoSkulls and Nanopass, to name a few, who've joined the "whitelist" for Satoshi Runners. They'll also be working with notable Alpha groups and a variety of crypto influencers. The official release date and mint price will be disclosed in mid-February 2022.

Last year, as the popularity of Ethereum NFTs began to take off, Pixel Art was arguably the genre that saw the most success. Last autumn, CryptoPunks amassed over $35 million in sales, while Axie Infinity's digital land sale raised over $1 million in a matter of seconds.

In addition to these two megaprojects, many smaller collections like CyberKongz and Kaiju Kingz also experienced significant growth. Pixel Art is no longer considered an old-school game development tool but rather a form of digital art that can be collected, viewed, and sold like any other form of the non-fungible token (NFT).

We're now in the NFT renaissance age. Those who've collected historical NFTs are finding themselves at the forefront of the next wave of NFTs, as we see a greater demand for more traditional collectibles like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yatch Club.

However, while demand is high, supply is low. And when the supply of popular crypto-collectibles gets low, it can cause prices to skyrocket – especially when historical collections begin to develop new narratives.

The Satoshi Lineage project is led by the creators of the Satoshi Runners initiative. This consists of pixel artists who use blockchain technology to shatter barriers between creators and consumers. Fusing art and technology, they aim to bring more value to investors while increasing community engagement through commissions and exclusive events.

CryptoPunks have shown us how valuable the concept of a finite, provably scarce collection can be at scale. The new project, Satoshi Runners, will release only 7,777 characters, each with unique, animated traits and a cyberpunk origin story.

The project's creators have already opened a Discord server where interested parties can learn more about the project. The server is already up to nearly 20,000 members.

After the first collection launches, Satoshi Runners will begin to roll out other features, such as staking and breeding programs, so that users can generate passive income from their NFTs. The team also plans to purchase land on Sandbox and Decentraland, granting holders exclusive access to the growing metaverse – where holders can use, monetize, or sell NFTs.

Satoshi Runners aims to redefine the value and advantages of pixel art NFTs. Future updates will include additional cyberpunk compilations, as well as white-listing opportunities for current and future owners.

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Srivatsa KR

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