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Platform With International Community Adopts Quantum Computing For Humanity QubitTech has built an ecosystem to boost investment returns and create stable passive income

By Julian Lim

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Quantum computing has long gone beyond the pages of science fiction. Scientists achieved the first impressive results in the creation of experimental quantum processors 20 years ago. Now is the time to work on increasing computing power and reducing errors in order to finally create a real quantum leap.

The leaders of the quantum race are IBM, Google, Honeywell, and other large corporations. They see incredible potential in the technological application of "quantum superposition". In theory, the power of a quantum processor is enough even to crack the most high-tech cryptographic protocols.

Of course, the goal of quantum systems is not to dominate the blockchain. It's just an indicator of the potential computing power of the technology that could bring the next technological revolution and change the world again.

While corporations spend millions of dollars a year developing future supercomputers, more and more private companies are joining the trend. One of the leaders in this direction is QubitTech. The company has built an ecosystem to boost investment returns and create stable passive income.

QubitTech is not limited to automation, but aims to simplify the life of every partner. The company understands the importance of not only providing demanded tools for clients but also uniting them with a common idea, interests, and connections with each other.

QubitTech Ecosystem

The QubitTech team has created a range of products delivering amazing profitability results. Among the main services that form the QubitTech ecosystem are the following:

Trading robots

AI-powered tool for traders. Bots can automatically open and close positions by setting take profit and stop loss. The use of high-tech computing allowed us to minimize the risk and increase the number of profitable transactions. The robot's API can be connected to the exchange.

Trend Robot, a strategy based on moving average indicators (MA4, MA9 and MA20), and the RSI oscillator. Smart robot - trading in channels, from support and resistance levels, from local extremes, searching and using candlestick patterns, supporting various technical indicators. Flat robot - the strategy is based on changing the RSI oscillator and crossing the boundaries of the selected range.

Digital license

The QubitTech digital license allows the partner to receive up to 25 per cent profit every month. This is a completely automated process that does not require additional attention. Daily payments are available for withdrawal from the first day, and the minimum license price starts from $100 and can be increased up to $100,000.

Corporate license

This is available to Digital License partners. The main feature of the Corporate license is that the partner cannot withdraw income until the license expires. The corporate license is suitable for partners who plan to buy a house or a car while having only 30-50 per cent of the amount. Part of the corporate license is QUBIT TRAVEL, which allows you to save up to 50 per cent on travel around the world. Its cost starts from $1,000 and the duration is about 3 months.

Cashback license

This is a new product that allows partners of the company to receive up to 100 per cent cashback from daily purchases. This offer works for any expenses: renting a house; buying food, clothing, or equipment, paying for any services. Cashback is credited to the main balance of the wallet, and the license can be upgraded at any time.

Network Travel

Group travel and community expeditions to different parts of the world. On March 10, a trip to Colombia starts, and on April 18, QubitTech offers to visit Morocco. It is planned that in addition to the impressions of visiting exotic countries, clients will receive a great experience and networking within the QubitTech community.

P2p platform

One of the new products from QubitTech. is a p2p platform where users can buy and sell bitcoin without brokers and additional fees. Free sale implies any conditions, prices, and volumes, which is more convenient than traditional exchanges that require KYC.

Crypto trading signals

The precision of quantum computing allows QubitTech to analyze the cryptocurrency market and provide partners with about 20 signals per month. Based on this information, even a newbie is able to gain a successful trading experience without much effort.

A mobile application has been developed and released for users in 14 languages. It allows:

- buy licenses;

- track the rewards;

- track the dynamics within the affiliate network;

- manage wallet;

- buy robots, and monitor results;

- follow the news and updates.

The potential of QubitTech

The ecosystem continues to evolve and scale every month. During this year, the company plans to release a number of products, including a gaming platform, a venture fund, and an accelerator. The company is now rapidly moving towards venture capital investments.

Development of the QubitTech Blockchain begins in 2021. This will become the platform for future QubitTech tools. Qubit Stable Token (QST) launch, Qubit Dynamic Token (QDT) implementation and development of a Proof-Of-Stake (POS) algorithm for QDT are also planned soon.

In 2022, the company will work to create a digital ecosystem with its own payment system. And in 2023, it is planned to launch a digital bank based on the QubitTech Blockchain, which will reduce the operating costs of the entire network, and in the future, reach the level of providing financial services around the world.

And for its partners, the company regularly holds the global BaseCamp event, where for 10 days the best speakers and mentors help participants realize their potential and shine. To meet the growing demand, the company continues to develop and has already opened more than 45 offices in 12 countries. The audience reaches 250,000 people.


It turns out that quantum computing is great for developing the cryptocurrency industry instead of competing with it. The idea of QubitTech, which started as a platform for investment analysis and process automation, has grown over time into a huge, complex ecosystem and a major partner for its clients. The great demand and the growth rate of QubitTech's popularity leave no doubt that the project has a great future.

Julian Lim

Tech entrepreneur, researcher and editor at Startup Fortune

Julian Lim is a technology entrepreneur and researcher. Julian has graduated from NUS in intelligent systems and started his career pursuing data analytics and research. He’s also an editor and senior writer at Startup Fortune, covering technology, startups, AI, blockchain and entrepreneurship.
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