Should you really care about your Uber rating?

Just like your ate your journey & driver, the driver rates you too! But should you be bothered?

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Ever since Uber's recent update (v.2.122.4), it's become very easy to find out the rating drivers have left for you as a customer. Earlier, the process was a bit more elongated and personalized, that is, manually politely asking your driver to know your rating. Of course, the driver has no reason to oblige and can easily refuse to show you, but they usually didn't because, well, why not? You could have also submitted an email request to Uber which they'd reply in less than an hour (usually) to deliver your rating. But the real question is – should you really care about your Uber rating at all in the first place?

How rating works

Uber ratings work both ways – driver's rate passengers and passengers rate drivers as well. Of course, if a consumer rates a driver less than 4 stars it will ask the reason, giving reasonable scope to improve. If the rating is really bad, less than 3 stars, you might even be entitled to a discount/refund of your journey. But have you ever wondered what happens when you get a lower rating?

What happens if you get a bad rating?

Usually Uber will black mark you and prioritize you lower than others. This means you'll get drivers that aren't necessarily rated 5 stars, and would be given priority to other passengers when finding a ride match. This does not mean you'll not get a ride or get very bad drivers. However multiple and repeated (undisclosed number) of bad ratings may bar you for life from using Uber!

What can you do to be a good customer?

Probably sit back, relax, and let the driver do his job. Help him with directions if asks for it or looks lost. Try not to eat, drink or smoke or ruin his ride's interiors or make loud calls or anything inappropriate, and you'll be fine. It's also a nice idea to request a driver to give you a nice rating.

How do you check your average rating?

Simply go to your Uber app (latest version) - go to Help - account, then "I'd like to know my rating".

My rating shows an average of 4.45, which is not bad at all considering most of my Uber rides have been when I'm inebriated. What has your average rating been? Let us know in the comments section on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

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