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7 Wearable Tech Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Must Own The future of technology looks amazing

By Gajendra Puri Goswami

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Technology in the 21st century has rapidly evolved from "the-palm-of-your-hand' to "every-part-of-your-body'. As it gets sharper and smarter, it is being integrated with all aspects of our lives, including clothes and accessories. Wearable technology, as it is known, along with making lives faster and better, is also quickly becoming a part of your personality. The device you wear on your body reflects your style and taste. It is an extension of your self that manifests the ideals that grip your life. But, with legion products to choose from it may get difficult to determine which one suits your lifestyle best. Hence, we decided to compile a list of the best wearable tech gadgets that every entrepreneur must own.

1. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple's Watch Series 3 has been dubbed as the best smartwatch out there. It is a sort of mini-phone with built-in cellular-data so you can pick calls or reply to text messages even if your phone isn't in range. Apple Smartwatches are also adept at tracking your health by giving you constant updates on your workout, heartbeat, pulse rate, barometric altimeter, etc. It allows you to navigate GPS, listen to music, and download apps without touching your phone. It runs on OS4 and is a little expensive, but definitely worth the money if you want relentless and uncluttered connectivity in your life without having a phone dangling through your pocket.

2. Huawei Watch 2 LTE

Since Apple Watch Series 3 is only restricted to iOS user, its unavailability to Android users have left them high and dry. This is where Huawei's Watch 2 LTE becomes crucial. The watch can do everything that an Apple Watch can - cellular connectivity, music, GPS, fitness tracking, bill payment, and more - while running on Android Wear 2.0. Since it is as handy as the Apple Watch, it is also as pricey as an Apple Watch and costs about $249 on Amazon. The classic look of the watch, with a sporty dial and rotating bezels, might score you some fashion points as well.

3. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit's answer to Apple and Huawei is a compact, handy and cost-efficient watch that scores big points on all fronts. Fitbit Versa is user-friendly as it is built in with an updated Watch-OS with a better design (sleek and less heavy) and easy controls. It also has a better battery life than Apple Watch and is completely water resistant until 50m deep. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Although it may not have built-in GPS connectivity and cellular options, it does deliver more elaborate stats while tracking your fitness, lets you play music and gives you customize notifications. It allows you to stay off your phone, while still being connected to all the important stuff.

4. Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat spectacles are a trendy set of glasses that let you record, watch and transfer video clips while you shield your eyes from outdoor pollutants. These glasses have 115 degree field of view and they can also be added with prescription lenses. A button of the temple allows you to play and transfer audio and video files while you're connected to the home WiFi. They are water resistant and come with built-in microphones for listening to audio files. Available in three attractive colours- ruby, sapphire, and onyx (basic black) these snug glasses are sure to make some head turns while you're walking in them.

5. Under Armour Gemini 3 Smart Shoes

If you don't trust yourself with wearing expensive gadgets for the fear of losing them in unbeknownst circumstances, then you might want to switch to invisible technology. Under Armour Gemini 3 Smart Shoes is the perfect amalgamation of technology and innovation. The shoes are integrated with a fitness tracker right into the soles, so you can track your fitness goals without putting on a smartwatch or wristband that you might misplace. Make these your dedicated pair of gym shoes and record your running metrics while you sweat it out on the treadmill. Afterwards, transfer the data to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.

6. Oakley Radar Pace

Whether you're cycling or running, focusing on technique always makes you better and Oakley's Radar Pace helps you to improve your athletic ability by giving regular feedback on your technique via audio cues over embedded Bluetooth headphones. It relies on voice assistant, just like Siri or Google Assistant, to answer questions about your coaching. It also has sensors to identify elevation and movement. They have inbuilt accelerometer, gyroscope, humidity, and proximity sensors and Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing for a heart rate strap, foot pod, cycling power meter and speed or cadence sensors. Alternatively, they are also a great pair of athletic glasses as they are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

7. Oculus Go

Step inside the world of virtual reality where everything appears larger than life with Oculus Go. Oculus is the first product ever to bring to you a self-contained VR experience. All the hardware- screen, processor, headset- is built within the product itself and it doesn't require to be connected to a phone or PC. It is comfortable, easy to wear, well designed, and most importantly user friendly. Its combination of LCD and "spatial audio' overwhelms you with an immersive 3D experience. It is also a crisp device for watching videos and has an affordable pricing. Oculus is what the future of VR would look like.

Gajendra Puri Goswami

Features Writer

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