The New Digital Wine Route ENO is the 1st decentralized wine project that makes the authentic wine culture popular, thanks to new blockchain technologies

By James Ryan

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Over the last decade, the wine industry has slowly been shifting to utilize digital and decentralized technologies. The start of the pandemic pushed wineries and retailers to get digital, and their customers started purchasing wine online.

One of the latest solutions in the wine segment is Eno. Let's find out the main advantages that make it so unique.

What is Eno?

ENO is the 1st decentralized wine project that makes the authentic wine culture popular thanks to new blockchain technologies. It is a combination of blockchain and wine segments. ENO fuels the entire industry and community, uniting all types of its users worldwide: farmers, vineyards, drinkers, hotels, sommeliers, and crypto fans.

ENO Token

The company has its own token called ENO. It is the first wine asset, and it helps to keep the tradition, history, and identity of wine as the value, flavours, and origins securely thanks to top-notch technologies.

This token will be used for goods and services produced to make all the processes smoother within the industry.

It is important to note that a part of the Eno Token goes to charity. The project supports wineries, farmers, and the whole community. ENO token is now accessible on decentralized exchanges and trading platforms like Uniswap and 1inch. You can purchase a wine token on these exchanges.


Soon ENO will launch its first 8 NFTs with an exclusive collection of wines known as "Ely Castro '' produced in collaboration with Marques de Griñon.

What is unique about this wine? A wine made with care: a few vines chosen from the DO of Pago Dominio de Valdepusa, fermented in ovoid vats "Leonardo da Vinci" and kept in new artisanal barrels made of valuable oak wood. Therefore, it is an extraordinary and outstanding wine collection.

It is also a jewellery artwork decorated with high-quality precious stones. They were designed exclusively by Ely Castro - one of the best jewellers in Europe. Her mentor was Salvador Dali.

This collection is a combination of wine, art, and NFTs. Just imagine: one of these bottles reached 500,000 euros during an elite auction.


One more thing that we should mention is that ENO had a set of auctions. So, its customers had a chance to receive an exclusive bottle of wine from the collection. These 8 NFTs were accessible on OpenSea and the ENO marketplace "".

A historic auction took place on the OpenSea NFT marketplace with the world's 1st ENO wine token. The auction started on December 6 and was held up to the mid of December.

Recently, the team creators of the platform announced that they are ready to develop its NFT project. The company plans to develop its own marketplace as well. Its team is working hard to develop the ENO marketplace and show new solutions soon.

In addition, the CEO of ENO Somm Mark Flores stated that the project, in collaboration with WofA (Wines of Argentina), plans to tokenize the best wine bottles of the biggest vineyards. So, a set of exclusive and luxurious NFTs is coming soon.


  • It is able to track: from the seed right to a glass of wine. So, it is possible to find out the value of the bottle via its blockchain solution.
  • Eno collects and stores information about Luxury bottles and their origins.
  • ENO connects companies around the world to sell their wine. Eno removes the intermediaries, protects trades, and spreads the wine culture all around the world.

To sum it up

We can say that the wine industry is developing rapidly. We're already starting to see this shift to embrace tech in the fine wine world with the advent of platforms like Eno, and the wine world is proving to be a safe investment.

Regarding ENO, this project is innovative. It is the first company that popularizes wine culture and utilizes top-notch solutions to reach this goal.

The project has great plans and ideas that will be implemented on the platform soon.

So, you have a great chance to invest in the most prominent project that is leading the industry and has a great chance to soar.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

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