These Celebrity Chatbots Are Bringing your Favourite Characters to Life

A new Facebook chatbot called GoTBot answers all the 'Game of Thrones' questions in one place

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Though television continues to be a popular mode of entertainment, today's youth are more drawn towards the web medium to watch their same, favourite TV shows.


Certain classical shows are always etched on our minds because of some unforgettable dialogues or because of the power pact and soulful performances of the actors, long after the shows have gone off the air.

Therein comes the utility of online streaming services that have expanded their reach to make possible things which could not be thought of till a few years ago.

With their help, companies are now revolutionizing the entire entertainment segment. Now, people can view their good, old, cherished shows anywhere, anytime.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence is helping chatbots modify the entire process of fan engagement with popular television characters.

Let's take a look at three popular celebrity chatbots:


A new Facebook chatbot called GoTBot answers all the Game of Thrones questions in one place. It was created by Catch Digital, a digital creative agency in London, keeping in mind all the secondary characters the fans forgot about and all the other information and details they never knew existed. Whether you are watching the new season premiere or you're having an argument with your friends about who the bald guy in Game of Thrones is, ask and it shall be answered.

The AI of natural language processing of GoTBot is handled by the service. The company is also using the Google Cloud for spell checks and analytics. This analytics help improve the bot. For example, the more questions users ask, the more data the company can capture, which later update GoTBot so that it can answer these queries.


Another fictional character Joey Tribbiani from hit TV show Friends was immortalized as a virtual chatbot last year by researchers from the University of Leeds.

The sole objective of their research was to build virtual talking avatars of characters automatically, from the TV shows. From the unconstrained data, they wanted to show how to capture a character's style of speech, visual appearance, and language in an effort to construct an interactive avatar of the person and effectively immortalize it by computational methods. The character Joey from Friends was "virtually immortalized" in a generative model, enabling him to say new sentences in his style and appearance.

Christian Grey:

Another famous Fifty Shades Darker character Christian Grey was turned into a Facebook chatbot this year to let fans interact with the character. Built by a tech company called Persona Technologies, the chatbot was launched on the premier date of the movie "Fifty Shades Darker."

"I could've used to help with natural language processing (NLP), but I still hold true to the belief that most people don't really want to have a full conversation with a robot (except developers, I know)," wrote Josh Bocanegra, CEO, Persona Technologies on his blog. The chatbot was built on Chatfuel, a bot platform, to learn how users interacted with a conversational UX.