This Company Creates Blockchain Tools To Help Small and Medium-Sized Business ATROMG8 builds decentralised ecosystems in all areas which are available to partners and new clients on the principle of blockchain and software-as-a-service

By Julian Lim

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Every year modern business needs more and more tools that will allow it to compete with market leaders. Hundreds of years ago, these were advertisements on busy streets and noticeable signs; 70 years ago the opportunity to publish in newspapers and magazines, access to television advertisements; 20 years ago the Internet became this tool, and nowadays more and more advantages are provided by blockchain technology and other digital tools.

Working with information is a fundamental element of the digital world, and it is from this perspective that the problem should be approached. Fair access to information, its exchange, processing and analysis on a par with business giants can significantly increase the chances of small companies to compete successfully in today's world market. This approach was taken by creators of the WORLDG8 project, an essential element of the global strategy from ATROMG8 Network.

ATROMG8 builds decentralised ecosystems in all areas, which are available to partners and new clients on the principle of B&SaaS (Blockchain & software-as-a-service). The ATROMG8 blockchain is part of the ChainSat project by Accubits Technologies. This project aims to offer additional security to various branches of industry which, for various reasons, are not allowed to use conventional transmission paths. A node of the blockchain is placed on a satellite. In August 2021, SpaceX will launch the satellite into orbit and put it into operation.

A unique, small and medium size business-oriented project in the company's ecosystem is called WorldG8 which is a blockchain ecosystem of tools designed to help small and medium-sized businesses by providing equal opportunities to access the international market.

WORLDG8 is events, showrooms, AI and e-commerce in the field of B2B/ B2C and P2P as well as blockchain certification from supply chain management to trust building information about the platform participants. Information and data will be democratic available to all stakeholders on the WORLDG8 platform.

"Digital, disruptive and innovative technologies such as ATROMG8`s integral multifunctional ecosystem will be able to offer companies and public administrations great socio-economic support in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. The integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain and various DLT structures in the private sector in the emerging structure of WORLDG8 creates a quantifiable opportunity to improve internal processes that have an impact on the company's costs and benefits. The resulting access to information and data in a framework that is financially acceptable even for small companies will change the world of commerce as we know it today and create completely new opportunities for all sectors. The platform can transform millions of small businesses into the largest retail group in the world", according to William Nonnis, Full Stack & Blockchain Developer - Ministero della Difesa Italia.

With ATOMG8, worked Accubits Technologies an multi award winning software house with its roots in the US and India as well as the Brazilian Institute of International Business Relations Development, IBREI, an institution that has over 30,000 companies in its network. Mauricio Prazak, President of IBREI, sees WORLDG8 as true revolution for the market;

"We always say that the lack of information and knowledge among companies and markets is the greatest barrier in international business. IBREI is present in more than 20 countries now and has been working for years to fill this gap, building bridges between markets and governments and contributing for the creation of a better business environment. Now, with WorldG8, we are sure we are able to scale this work to the whole world".

"There was a radical change that was already happening in the international market where the companies were gradually moving to the digitized world. But the pandemic crisis accelerated a lot the pace of this change. This put us face-to-face with unprecedented opportunities that I usually refer to as 'the democratization of the international market", he further added.

By realizing the potential and uniting a sufficient number of entrepreneurs on the platform, WORLDorldG8 will become an incubator for economic development and stabilization of regions, promoting sectors or categories of companies that today find it difficult to participate in global economic flows. The platform can offer technical assistance where it is needed most.

"In the past few years, the expectations of companies have increasingly changed and the challenges have become more diverse. The digital complexity that small and medium-sized companies have to struggle with in the international market today is a feat that can only be mastered in the future with structures that are as simple and effective as possible. The experience and know-how of Accubits Technologies, IBREI, ATROMG8 and the networks involved are the key factor that makes the structure of WORLDG8 possible in this form and thus supports and promotes global market entry for millions of people and small companies", says Jithin VG - CEO Accubtis Technologies

Julian Lim

Tech entrepreneur, researcher and editor at Startup Fortune

Julian Lim is a technology entrepreneur and researcher. Julian has graduated from NUS in intelligent systems and started his career pursuing data analytics and research. He’s also an editor and senior writer at Startup Fortune, covering technology, startups, AI, blockchain and entrepreneurship.

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