This Cybersecurity Company Claims It Won't Allow Ransomwares To Attack Your Systems

Hyderabad-based firm said it has developed 'ZeroXT' to protect data-at-rest against a variety of threats

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In the wake of a massive global cyber attack that has hit around 100 countries, an Indian cyber security and threat intelligence company, UNIK Systems, has claimed that the terror virus WannaCry ransomware will no longer be able to affect the Indian computer systems.


Hyderabad-based UNIK Systems announced yesterday that it had developed "ZeroXT' which would protect data-at-rest against a variety of threats, including ransomware attacks, unauthorized access, data leakage, unauthorized retrieval of data from stolen hard disks, data modification and data destruction.

ZeroXT is being developed to deal with all cyber-security-related solutions, which are becoming mandatory with advanced tech innovations.

The firm has maintained that the product is being analyzed in some of the government, banking and financial institutions.

UNIK Co-founder and CEO Chakradhar Kommera announced, "The new product is supported by "ZERO USB' software, proven to be effective in ensuring a clean boot to a wide range of organization/enterprises, thereby protecting the OS from any tampering or destructive attacks."

"While the spread of the "WannaCry' ransomware attack has slowed down because of an accidental remedy by an UK-based cyber-analyst, concerns still loom large that such attacks could be launched in a much larger scale in the near future. The tools for launching ransomware attacks are readily available on the dark web," added Kommera.

India has been ranked as third worst-hit country after 45,000 attacks recorded in 100 countries.

The parent company, UNIK, began research on this product after the well-known Sony Entertainment hack happened in 2014. UNIK Systems had rightly predicted and invested significantly in research and development over the past few years to help enterprises thwart such advanced attacks.

ZeroXT is an extension of ZERO USB with the additional functionality of protecting data-at-rest, said an official from the security solution firm. Additionally, a software development kit (SDK) can be provided to closely knit various software applications, including information rights management (IRM) and email-client. This will help in the utilization of hardened encryption.

What remains to be seen is how WannaCry malware spread across so many organizations around the world in such a small time. This highlights the danger of the open communication systems the world has become so used to.

'Nearly 300,000 internet of thing (IoT) nodes have become part of a growing bot (a software application that does automated tasks) to launch a significant attack,' said in a press statement.