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This Tech Start-up's Inception Was Led by its Founders' Quest to Be Their Own Bosses Navin Jain & Kaushik Mudda smashed the startup stereotypes by changing career paths for the better

By Aastha Singal

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Youngsters are inclining towards the idea of becoming job creators instead of job seekers. Everyday more and more innovative brains are inventing models unheard of before. Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jain had similar aspirations before they were struck with reality. Initially interested in developing drones, the duo was unable to get hold of a CNC machine for making better parts.

A CNC or computer numerical control machine is a high precision tool that's computer-controlled and makes repeated, accurate movements. It does so by taking computer-generated code and converting it with software to electrical signals. However, "Buying a CNC machine for a college student was just out of the question," Jain said.

Like passionate youngsters, the two friends decided to make one. After a lot of research and development, they were able to crack the CNC machine technology and decided to change career direction by pioneering the invention of industrial printers that make use of five dimensions. They launched Ethereal Machines in 2014.

A Unique Startup

Ethereal Machines is a tech-based B2B hardware startup that brings conjunction between additive & subtractive manufacturing techniques through hybrid manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is basically 3-D printing in which the material is added layer by layer whereas subtractive manufacturing uses CNC machines in which the material is removed layer by layer.

The combination of these two technologies opens up doors in generative design field, curvilinear electronics, wearable tech, automotive and aerospace industry, multi-material structures and more. "Ethereal Machines has been working towards path-breaking technologies to redefine the manufacturing industry," Mudda had stated earlier.

A startup that started with the simple idea of enabling people to have access to technologies that were not available to them till now has caught the eyes of major investors due to its unique 5-axis modeling technique. Ethereal Machines recently raised $1 million pre-Series A funding led by Blume Ventures. Watch how the technology works in the video above.

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