5 Things to Keep in Mind While Developing an App for Your SME

With the increasing number of mobile phone it has become relevant for even the SMEs to have their own mobile app

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Considering the consistent rise in mobile usage, apps have become the primary tool for businesses to grab the attention of their customers. Developers today are focused on applications of almost all processes.

Giant companies have adopted this app technology since the very beginning of app evolution. On the other hand, Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs were hesitant to make this additional investment in building an app, primarily because of the huge cost and the specialised expertise required. However, with rapid app development frameworks, it is possible now for all businesses to get apps and multiply their business growth.

Whether you are a big enterprise or SME, there are several aspects to keep in mind while developing an app for your business. Among them, 5 stand out.

Know Your Target Audience

Identify you end-users and focus on the expectations they have from an app. There are multiple factors that go while defining your target audience: age group, location, profession, etc. All the features of the application are dependent on the preferences of your end-users. For instance, when you are targeting the age group between 11-18 years, the app majorly is focused on content briefing and graphical representation. Whereas, elders look for information relevant to the product or service. This criterion allows to design and develop the app accordingly.

Choose the Right Platform

The next big step is selecting the most feasible platform for your business. There are multiple options available for your app development. Is it a native app, web app or hybrid app that you want to build? Moreover, do not skip the task of picking the right OS: Android, iOS or Windows, to reach your target audience. Today, with cross-platform, you can support a wide range of devices and deliver apps seamlessly.

UI/UX is the Key for Your App Success

How can your app make its place in millions of other apps? The answer is simple: UI. UI allows ease to use and bring brand recognition in the market. Simplicity and clarity must guide your app interface design. The sole purpose of your app is to facilitate user interaction. This can be achieved when the UX is user-friendly with a minimum number of clicks to reach an item.

Integrate with Latest Technologies

App development has evolved with time and new technologies have simplified the app development process and brought desired outcomes easily. From app personalization to Augmented Reality (AR), these technologies have allowed SMEs to gain visibility and help them strive in the app market. Integrating all the latest technologies may complicate your app. Choose one or two of them, to help you meet your targets.

Check Your App Performance

Inspect the app, if it has met the decided standards. It is essential that you test before launching. Monitor the app response time. Do not make your users wait long to receive required information. Remove any errors that prevent effective performance of the app to enhance user experience. Apart from testing, be your own critic and check again the app to deliver high quality. Keep an eye and ear for feedback on your app.

With advanced technology available, it is relatively easy and cost-effective to build an app today. But its popularity in the market will eventually depend on its utility to the users. The above five points will not only assist you to get an app for your SME but also help meet your en
Rama Krishna Kuppa

Founder & CEO, ONGO Framework

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