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How To Promote Your Android App Continuously It's a fight with big giants as they are successful and still pramoted, hence we tell you the way to bring your app to limelight

By Harnil Oza

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Due to the level of competition in the app development industry, promoting apps has become as difficult as designing and developing the app. There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the net now and you have to promote your android app to be seen.

No matter how beneficial your app is, people have to know about it before they download and try it out and it is after trying it out that they will enjoy it. But how will they even get to know about it if you don't publicize it? As more apps are being developed and launched, promoting apps becomes even more difficult.

If you take the time to study most successful apps, you will find out that they are still being advertised and promoted even though some of them have already hit the 50 million download mark. The question is, if successful apps are still being promoted, what about new apps that have just been launched? This article outlines several techniques for promoting android apps.

Optimize Your App

You should optimize your app for app stores and search engines. You need to use a distinctive and catchy icon that will stand out in the crowd. While optimizing it for search engines, you need to use keywords that are relevant to the functions or purpose of the app.

Apart from Google Play Store, there are several other obscure app stores and these stores are not as competitive as Google Play Store so you need to promote your android app in as many app stores as you can. The idea is to upload your app in virtually all app stores that you come across.

While promoting your app on any app store, you must take the time to include the best of your screenshots. This is because prospective users check the screenshots of apps to have a feel of what awaits them. This technique works very well for game apps. If the screenshots seem boring, then users will believe that the app will also be boring. So, don't just use any screenshots to promote your app on app stores, use the very best. You may have to take hundreds of screenshots and select the best among them.

Write a Blog

Create a blog within the niche where your app falls. The more you post informative write-ups on the blog the more you will be seen as an authority in the niche. You should constantly post messages on the blog and include that of your app once in a while. Your app will attract prospective users because they see you as an authority.

Submit Your App to App Review Sites

After reviewing several apps, app review sites usually publish the results of all the apps that they have reviewed. This serves as some kind of publicity as some people come across some apps on app review sites. Secondly, if your app has a lot of fantastic features, review sites will definitely promote it in the course of analyzing the features. However, you should also remember that review sites wield double-edged swords. If your app has several drawbacks, these drawbacks will also be outlined and that will discourage prospective users of your app. So, you should only submit your app for review if you have confidence in it.

Respond to Reviews and Enquiries Quickly

Sometimes when users or prospective users ask questions, they don't only need answers to the questions, they also want to see how quickly you will respond. Ignoring enquiries and responding late to enquiries both mean one thing to users – It means the users of your app are not important to you.

Besides, when a prospective user asks a question on a public platform, others will be watching to see how soon and well you will answer the question. So, quick and elaborate responses are effective ways to promote your app. In fact, you can smartly spin the answers to some questions to market certain features and functions of your app.

Use Demo Videos

You should also use demo videos to promote your app. Videos pass more messages than text and pictures. Besides, videos linger longer in the minds of viewers. However, there are a few rules to the use of videos. The videos should be very short so that most of those that come across them will watch them to the end. The ideal video duration is about 30 seconds. Videos with the duration of 45 to 60 seconds can still be managed but videos that are longer than 1 minute are not acceptable.

Also learn to pass the most important information first because of the few people that will drop off before the end of the videos. Every video must tell what, how, and why. Most importantly, share your videos on as many platforms as you can and make it easy for the recipients to also share them further.

Promote Your App on Your Website

You should also promote your app on your website. This is not about just mentioning it as a footnote. Rather, it is about dedicating a whole webpage for it. You will list the features and benefits of your app on the webpage. Of course, you will also include the link to the download page of your app.

Promote it on Social Media Too

People are generally obsessed with social media so you should also take advantage of this obsession. There is nothing wrong with opening social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook fan page, Twitter) for your app. While opening them is one leg, the other leg is to get someone to manage the accounts.

The person will not only try to build huge followership, he will also have to respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. And most importantly, he will provide 24/7 support through the social media accounts.

Hire Influencers

This option is very effective but it is also costly except if you are close to any media influencer. Some media influencers have hundreds of thousands of followers who are often their wannabes. So, once an influencer is identified with your app, you will begin to witness tremendous download and installation. If you can afford to hire an influencer, please do.

The final tip is that you should never stop promoting your app until you are set to retire it. Have you observed that virtually all successful apps still get massive continuous promotions? It is because they still want more users.

Harnil Oza

CEO, Hyperlink Infosystem

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem, a Top mobile app development company based in USA & India who deliver best App development mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.
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