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A Chatbot for Your Business Will Boost Customer Engagement If chatbots can motivate political participation that seldom yields immediate results, how strong an effect they can have in more instant and rewarding experiences-such as shopping?

By Aakrit Vaish

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Launched in 2016, Voxe is a chatbot that aims to reduce absenteeism among 18-35-year-olds during electoral polls. Voxe popularizes European issues in a fun way while encouraging young voters to up their "ballot' game. Voxe currently has more than 100,000 members, and it continues to inform many youngsters about pressing electoral issues and the concrete influence political events have on their daily lives. At a time when 77per cent of 18-35-year-olds are expected to abstain from voting and remain indifferent to political responsibilities, it is reassuring to see a chatbot leading the charge for political awareness in youth. At the same time, it shows the power of virtual conversational interfaces, and the influencing power of good communication, whether real or virtual. It also points to the fact that if chatbots can motivate political participation that seldom yields immediate results, how strong an effect they can have in more instant and rewarding experiences-such as shopping?

Impactful Engagement

Young people are highly engaged, opinionated. Yet, this expression is not being properly leveraged to generate action of any kind. This is the essential function of chatbots. Through impactful engagement, constant accessibility, instant query resolution and NLP or vernacular language driven communication that is far removed from the clunky, primitive ways they started with initially, chatbots have become a retailer's favourite tool today.

It's Lucid and Impactful

Equipped with significant technological advances such as machine learning and new ways of application, chatbots can improve customer service in an unprecedented manner. They are the ideal melting pot offering the instant nature of SMSes, the detailed correspondence of e-mails and the empathy of customer support executives-all packed into one. Difference between knowing your customers to being creepy, being actively engaged to stalking, or being intrusive or respecting one's privacy, chatbots walk the tightrope across these grey areas of modern marketing perfectly well.

Cost effective Nature

Chatbots can help enterprises save 60-70per cent of operating costs, enabling them to avoid training expenditure and maintaining the infrastructure of hundreds of agents. It also helps to automate a majority of the basic conversations and rudimentary queries to allow agents concentrate on complex queries. It helps to boost your conversions and make every penny count by not losing out on any query. Most importantly, they can be easily integrated into the existing framework of an enterprise without spending extra.


The marketing world today is highly dynamic. The number of consumer touchpoints are increasing, consumer opinions are being expressed frequently, and most of the times it becomes difficult to make sense out of this chaos. However, all these interactions also generate a tonne of data, the new oil, and chatbots offer an option of analyzing them real-time to generate actionable insights. The strategies devised through the analysis of this data holds the key to unlock a wealth of latent potential for a business, and if used correctly, can be the mainstay of an optimized customer experience in the future.

Aakrit Vaish

CEO & Co-founder, Haptik

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