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Understanding The 'Hype': An AI-Powered E-Commerce SaaS The tech offered by Hype helps merchants create, optimize and design their online stores (websites) with its artificial intelligence.

By Kavya Pillai

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Sandro Katalina

The Mumbai-based startup Hype has officially launched its AI-powered SaaS (Software As A Service) for the E-commerce space. The tech offered by Hype helps merchants create, optimize and design their online stores (websites) with its artificial intelligence. Hype's version 1.0 was in development from 2020 and their latest version from mid-2022. When it comes to the duration of testing their 1.0 private beta has been in testing since early 2021. If anything, this follows the principle that software tested rigorously will have a higher chance of being more solid in the long run compared to those that are rushed out the door.

The CEO Faraz Naqvi said they prioritized having more rounds of feedback, "driven by early merchant adopters giving battle-tested real-world scenarios." This is an important step as no person or company can predict all user behaviours and even then it is hard to know how the software would react. Yes, you can simulate real-world situations but it is best to test the software out. It is also seen that some software does not reach an open beta stage if they feel there won't be any huge losses and just skip over to a public release and iterate from there. Naqvi shared that their open beta will be rolled out by FY Q3 2023.

Hype generates functional, engaging, and data-driven e-commerce websites with simple prompts that reduce time spent on development and design. "Hype is ushering in a new era of e-commerce, where AI-driven technology empowers merchants to create, maintain, and optimize their online stores with unprecedented ease and efficiency," said Faraz Naqvi, CEO of Hype. Hasan Ali Naqvi, CTO of Hype, added, "Our platform is built on an advanced AI and machine learning framework that continually learns and adapts to each store's unique data patterns. By harnessing the power of big data, Hype's AI is able to create highly targeted, data-driven optimizations, ensuring merchants stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape."

The advent of AI like Hype has certainly changed the landscape for website developers. "However, it is important to note that AI only replaces the manual labour of typing, not the critical thinking and expertise that comes with being a skilled developer," said Faraz. AI empowers genuine experts, enabling them to create exceptional e-commerce experiences in a shorter amount of time. The most successful developers will be those who are well-versed in e-commerce metrics, growth-focused strategies, and design-first principles."There has been tech in the past that has simplified processes although, the trend has been that this new-age tech is used by developers rather than the end users. While such sites solve the designing problems you still need some expertise and experience that are the fundamentals website developers offer," says Akash Purswani a Website Developer and Design Consultant.

On the investor front, Faraz shared that they have had some inbound interest from investors but have currently not committed to taking any investments and are focusing on meeting the R&D and growth targets. They will be bootstrapped until there is a significant and compelling reason to raise, as more than just funds they are looking for partners who share their vision for AI commerce. "Happy to share that we are a part of GSF accelerator, and have had a great experience under the mentorship of Rajesh Sawhney and Niyaz Laiq," Faraz concluded.

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