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Aman Gupta: Building an Unsinkable 'Boat'

Shark Tank India Season 2 is back and one of the most amicable sharks from the show, Aman Gupta, co-founder, boAT, is winning hearts again


Around the World

The founders of Bruised Passports: Savi & Vid, juggled corporate jobs and blogging for a few years before becoming travel influencers

Social Media

Nagma Mirajkar: Changing the Face of Fashion Digitally

Digital Content Creator Nagma Mirajkar, often stuns the world and her 8 Million Instagram followers with her jaw-dropping fashion looks. Mirajkar stepped into the world of social media by creating videos during lunch breaks at her 9 to 5-job.


Ekta Chaudhary: The Garden Whisperer

Ekta Chaudhary found her peace and profession in one thing; her YouTube channel 'Garden Up' and has expanded it into a retail shop as well and aims to accelerate its growth in 2023


Harun Robert: Your Art Guy Next Door

Inspiring, entertaining, and aspirational, the three words perfectly define Rob's content, which has now taken a drastic leap from a television medium to a digital one


Gaming With Heart and 'Soul'

Naman Mathur, better known as S8UL Mortal planned to complete his studies and get a degree with a specialised course offering the best corporate job. However, gaming was always his passion and he started uploading a few videos and playing, with no intention to take it up full-time


High Beaming the Automobile Content Space

Faisal always had a profound interest in cars. He started two channels – MotorBeam and Faisal Khan, the latter's name was obvious but for MotorBeam, he brainstormed for months


Mira Rajput: The Modern Yogini

Kapoor is an avid advocate of using organic and chemical-free practices for a healthy body and mind, often recommending "tried and tested" brands and their "science-backed" products to her four million followers on Instagram


Dia Mirza: The Sustainability Advocate

Begun in childhood, Mirza's interest in environmental conservation has remained alive throughout her modelling and acting career, driving her to activism and green entrepreneurship