A Step-By-Step Guide Of Women Supporting Women At Workplace It takes care and concern to build up trustworthy relations with the women we work with. We talk about steps and common hurdles to figure deep and long-lasting associations with our female contemporaries.

By Aishwarya Ganji

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Everyone wants to be self-assured at work, especially women now. Several books such as Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In and Lois P. Frankel's Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers, talks about how women need to fight for their fair share of due, responsibility and pay.

Often, women live in this subconscious fear of either coming across as too caring for being careful and agreeable or labeled as too aggressive for being opinionated. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the befitting level of preciseness at workplace; it is the framework that determines gains.

While several articles already outline ways in which women can tackle workplace disdain and subconscious sexism, there is another way women are more likely to get what they want, on their own terms. This way is called "The Sisterhood.'

The consignment of encouraging women's voice and their due share is upon those already on top. There are several other ways women peers can help each other grow by supporting and collectively collaborating rather than competing against each other. By not pitting ourselves against other women, we remove supposed competition and truly redirect the right attitude towards feminism.

Women supporting women can be a powerful tool against fighting for that raise you know you deserve, against casual sexism, patronizing or condescending comments and more.

Here's how you can educate yourself and your comrades at workplace to imbibe in them the spirit of collective sisterhood:

Know Your Strengths And Leverage Them

Knowing your strengths is accomplishing your weaknesses and overall being aware of your core competencies. Speaking of which, Warren Buffet famously speaks about how understanding your circle of competence can help you avoid problems in both your professional as well as your personal life. By doing so, you are well versed with the responsibilities you can take up and can excel in, with time. As a by-product of leveraging your key strengths, you consequently become an important asset to your company. This is in stark contrast to the value you would create by trying to work on something that is essentially one of your weaknesses.

Compensate Weaknesses By Seeking Guidance

While the first point in the row asserts that one plays to their strengths, by no means it asks of you to not seek development. No successful person; man or woman, has become so, by being complacent. From the likes of Sara Blakely to Indra Nooyi and Malala Yousafzai, strong women constantly seek self-improvement. On a micro level, one can compensate for their weaknesses by seeking guidance from their peers who happen to stand out in areas that they lack in. There is no disgrace in seeking help. In fact, in the right place and under the right workplace culture, the pursuit of up gradation is deemed to endear and will earn you considerable brownie points.

Find A Confidant And Be Each Other's Guiding Light

Find yourself a confidant whom you can trust with issues that you may face with a colleague, a boss, personal stress at home and more. Make sure that the relationship you have with your friend is mutual. Having a friend at workplace in whom you can confide, seldom makes work interesting and often ease any pressure that is common in the modern workplace.

Finding The Right Balance: Let The Assertive Befriend The Considerate

Are you perceived as meticulous and agreeable to the extent that an assertive stand from you may not be taken seriously? A lot of women have been in that situation. One sure way to avoid this problem is to befriend your assertive friend, often labeled as "too aggressive," if she's a woman and ask her how she went about negotiating her raise, and take cues from her and apply it to your situation. We all deserve to get paid our due and there is no shame in asking for what you think you deserve. Women especially need to internalize this motto.

Being Yourself And Showcasing Your Skills

Be unapologetically yourself and showcase your skills subtly but certainly. Do not let the credit of your hard work be taken away from you. What is yours, needs to be fought for and protected.

Avoid Gossip By Not Participating In It

Women are particularly prone to being victims of office place gossip. One way we can communally avoid gossip against each other is by not being an agent to it. You would do so for a dear colleague or friend, but true sisterhood lies in doing so for all.

Compliment Each Other's work

Acclaim the good work of your female colleagues. Do it often and do it loud and if you must censure, do so constructively, in confidence, and only when necessary.

We suggest you try these seven tools one by one and let the results speak for themselves.

Aishwarya Ganji

Founder, Mahila Saksham

Aishwarya Ganji is founder and CEO of Mahila Saksham Foundation—an NGO focussed on UN sustainability development goal #5: gender equality via vocational skills and training and financial inclusion for all Indian women.

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