From Selling Burgers To Creating Elite Safe Beauty. The Intriguing Story Behind Belora, Which Actor Kiara Advani Endorses

Belora Cosmetics is the first made safe certified brand across Europe and Asia and its founders are the sisters Ainara Kaur and Akaljyot Kaur.

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Belora Cosmetics is the first made safe certified brand across Europe and Asia and its founders are the sisters Ainara Kaur and Akaljyot Kaur. With actor Kiara Advani as their brand ambassador, their motivation was creating a makeup brand without toxic chemicals in it and having good-for-skin, natural and high performing ingredients.

Actor Kiara Advani with Founder Ainara Kaur

Kiara has done multiple campaigns for the brand, whose products are formulated without paraben, asbestos, artificial fragrances and other harmful ingredients. Along with that it is also vegan, derma tested and cruelty free. Interestingly, their experts have created a BS (Bad Stuff) list of 2,000 harmful ingredients that they promise to never use.

And how did Kiara become their brand ambassador?

"We signed her in November last year. Kiara liked that we were a clean and kind brand. Since we are cruelty free, there is a kindness inbuilt to the brand. So we sent her the products and she enjoyed them. She said that her mother loved using our lipstick and started using it. And that was the start of our relationship," Ainara informs us.

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"I believe make-up is a wonderful form of self-expression, giving an individual the liberty to create looks that make an impact. The prospect of wearing makeup that is not just trendy, but safe on the skin is a necessity for me. I chose to endorse Belora as I believe in their purpose of creating clean and vegan makeup. Moreover, when they sent over the products for the first time, I loved their poppy intense colours. Infact, their liquid lipsticks are quite liked and used by many of my family members too," Kiara said.

Intriguingly, Ainara's tryst with make-up kits began as late as 2019, since she grew up in a conservative family. After gaining two decades of experience in marketing, which included being the marketing comunications head at Myntra, Ainara wanted to take a break. While traveling in Europe, she would see girls there putting on eye shadows, which attracted her and led to the purchase of the first make up kit. After meeting someone who explained to her that clean beauty meant being able to use anything solely if it is not harming your skin, when back in India she started the process of creating such a brand. However, manufacturers in India were not aware of the concept of clean, affordable and vegan makeup. Which is why they began the research and development in Paris and eventually, Made Safe, an Australian body told them that they were the first brand to crack this formula across Europe and Asia. Finally launching in January 2021, supermodel and fitness icon Milind Soman did a unique brand campaign for them which said, 'men or makeup, we like them non-toxic.'

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But why should we care about make-up and skin products that have toxic products in them?

Ainara helps us understand the dangers. "First of all, your skin absorbs a percentage of whatever is applied on it. Hence if you are putting harmful chemicals, the pores of your skin will absorb them and make you age faster. It can also enter our bloodstream if you are using it on a regular basis which can have a hormonal impact. Since the impact happens in the long term, people don't pay much attention to it. If it has an immediate impact, people would have been more particular about choosing their makeup," she told us.

With awareness rising in all spheres, maybe it's time to start looking at the ingredients next time we buy make up products, is what could be a take away lesson from the founder who started off selling burgers at McDonalds as a mere 17-year-old.