The Education Gamifier: Prerna Jhunjhunwala

Prerna highlighted that the company is gamifying learning for children as well as trying to make learning personalized and creative for children

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Creative Galileo

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Having spent her childhood in and around jute factories, prerna grew up teaching kids of the people who used to work in the factories. She instinctively knew that she wanted to pursue a career in education. She started her first chain of schools in singapore following the completion of her higher education in the university of new york. She started her first school in heartland of singapore which she eventually scaled up to seven schools across singapore. The covid pandemic made prerna realize the growth of physical schools would be linear. She soon exited the schools to a large private equity and moved into building creative galileo. "education is the cornerstone to every society but we have to overcome the high population and the teacher deficit situation. We intend to put technology in the hands of every teacher which would subsequently bring knowledge to the fingertips of every child," said Prerna Jhunjhunwala, founder, Creative Galileo.

Prerna highlighted that the company is gamifying learning for children as well as trying to make learning personalized and creative for children. According to Prerna, Creative Galileo is a mix of gamified learning, personalized education with children's favourite heroes as the cherry on top. "The science behind creative galileo is to give children a gamified environment with their favourite characters. When it comes to learning through games, even if a child is lagging behind or losing sometimes, they still are on it and repeat it until they win. So the entire process leads to strengthening and retaining core concepts eventually," added Prerna.

Much like how hide and seek taught children to hide and attack their prey and how ring around the roses being a poem teaches about the smallpox pandemic, technology needs to be incorporated into developing a learning environment. "Now we are entering a GenZ era, our children have become digital natives, which means technology is no longer a device but an environment that these children live in."

Prerna recalls the happiest moment was the first exit offer from my first venture and the first term sheet from my second venture while the lowest was when a person from the venture capital world told her to fund her own venture stating that she was a rich girl who had completed a big exit, asking why she was in the market in search of funds. With toondemy for teachers, toondemy for kids and kids early learn app- little singham, Prerna intends to work with gamification in schools and expanding across india. The company has started to expand its reach in the international markets as well. Creative Galileo has also collaborated with south korea's ebs wherein they tied with korean characters. They are including the characters in their content gallery to support the company's quest to go global.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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