India's Women Scientists Who Turned Entrepreneurs for a Societal Cause To solve the existing issues in India, they have chosen the path of entrepreneurship, and are doing exceptionally well

By Komal Nathani

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From doing wonders in the arena of science to making inroads into entrepreneurship, time and again Indian women have proven that science and business can go hand in hand. Waking up to an idea of starting your own venture to executing it into reality takes a lot than what we think it can. These #5 women have simply defied all the societal norms to be what they are today. To solve the existing issues in India, they have chosen the path of entrepreneurship, and are doing exceptionally well.

Entrepreneur India lists those women scientists who haven't just done wonders in their careers in science but have also identified themselves as successful entrepreneurs across India.


Romita Ghosh

A cancer survivor, Romita Ghosh is an inspiration for many. At an age when most kids spend time playing and enjoying, Ghosh was diagnosed with blood cancer. But that did not turn down her spirit to become a winner that she is in her life. After fighting cancer with constant chemo sessions, a few years later Ghosh completed her graduation in Biotechnology. Later she did her double majors in Biotech and biochemistry. The entrepreneurial bug bit her when she was in IIM Udaipur for her management course in Biotech. The idea of an online marketplace, Medi Samaan was born to provide medical equipment to hospitals and make healthcare affordable for all. Today Ghosh is a successful entrepreneur. She has attracted a lot of investors with her idea and knowledge in biotech.

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Meena Ganesh

Meena Ganesh's entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of a coincidence. Ganesh holds a Bachelors degree in Science along with honours in Physics. But today, the 53 year old is a popular name in the list of successful women entrepreneurs in India. Ganesh is the CEO of a startup called Portea Medical.

Ganesh has worked for NIIT and Tesco as the Regional Manager and CEO respectively, before realizing her interest in entrepreneurship. It was her undergrad years when she realized that her interests are beyond scientific inclinations. After quitting her job, Ganesh started up "Portea Medical' that specialises in providing geriatric, post-operative, and many other health services in-house to patients who cannot go to a hospital.


Anuradha Acharya

Anuradha Acharya is the name worth mentioning in this list because of her innovative idea of business in medical sector. Acharya is the founder and CEO of two successful ventures Ocimum Bio Solutions and MapMyGenome that focuses on preventive healthcare options. Her company is headquartered in Hyderabad. Acharya has had a successful career as a scientist. She held positions in SEI Information and a telecommunications company called Mantiss Information. Today, she is the board member of IvyCap, one of the most popular investment firms in India.


Savitha Ananth

Savitha Ananth holds a bachelors as well as Master's Degree in Microbiology and is quite passionate about Biotechnology. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and became the Director of Genbios, a startup that provides solutions through innovative techniques to pharmaceuticals, biotech, food, beverages, and many others by utilizing bio-information.

Before starting up, she had worked with the big biotech companies like Biocon as a Scientific Associate and as Consultant Strategist in Kemio Solutions.


Anu Sridharan

After leaving her job as Solutions Analyst in LeanTaas, this lady founded NextDrop in 2010. Her start-up aims to solve the problem of three billion population in the world who do not have continuous access to drinking water.

The software developed by the company helps improve water utility services. The company sends the text alerts to its customers through SMS about the date and time of fresh water supply.

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