#Yumpreneurs: Women Expanding the Ranks of the Food Industry

How does the screen look when women transition from food-cooking to food-managing?

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By Bhavya Kaushal


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Putting together women and food doesn’t evoke an unfamiliar image, however, when women do not just excel in the job of food-cooking but also in the space of food-managing, we realize that a different kind of women empowerment has taken place. Here are women entrepreneurs who are disrupting the food business in India.

Deepti Motiani

Dipti Motiani, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Second Nature

Dipti Motiani, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Second Nature, asserts that the mission of her venture to bring these high standards of quality and food safety to the Indian consumer.

  • Ingredients for Creating a Successful Restro-venture

Second Nature is made with pure ingredients. It starts with building meaningful relationships with our farmers and cultivating them with education and inclusive growth. The USP of Second Nature is our experience and also the understanding of Post-Harvest Management

  • Establishing Healthy, Hygienic Food as the Norm

To encourage and support good agricultural practices in India, build a culture of food safety and hygiene. To produce products that we are happy to offer to our children, which have the natural taste and nutrition the way nature intended it to be. While following all of the above, make these products available to as many consumers as possible in an affordable format. To make this a sustainable operation, we would like to make this venture a profitable business.

Aishwarya Bhende

Aishwarya Bhende, Founder of AB Celestial

Aishwarya Bhende is young yumpreneur and also the owner of three-floor luxury dining yacht! AB Celestial is the first floating restaurant and here is what makes Bhende the most admirable yumpreneur!

  • Conspiring with the Coastlines

The idea for Celestial was inspired by my visits to coastlines around the world which have a dedicated waterfront business. I realized how they boost tourism of the country and back home, I saw a huge opportunity on its seaside which could add jewels to the crown of the city–Mumbai Skyline.

  • Combating a Dynamic Market

Celestial is the first floating restaurant in Mumbai so our efforts have been focused on creating more avenues for this industry to prosper in the future. In terms of competition in the restaurant business, we made sure through our own experience of travelling to waterfronts that we offer a pure nautical experience. Thus, we stand out with the 4 levels that are themed differently with specific interiors and the food offering that resonates with the experience too.

Karyna Bajaj

Karyna Bajaj, Executive Director of KA Hospitality Private Limited

Karyna Bajaj, Executive Director of KA Hospitality Private Limited, is again a youthful name in the food and hospitality business. While she has beautifully created a legacy as the heiress of KA Hospitality, CinCin is her project and endeavour towards building homegrown brands in India.

  • Decoding CinCin

CinCin, is an Italian inspired restaurant and bar located in BKC, the city’s prime commercial neighbourhood. It’s a unique concept focused on Venetian Cicchetti, handmade pasta and wine. Despite the similarities in Indian and Italian cultures and dining, we identified a gap in the market for a restaurant that caters simple, flavourful food, fine wine and embraces the rustic Italian spirit; space where you can savour a bowl of fresh, handmade pasta with wine or unwind with an Aperol spritz post-sundown. CinCin celebrates and is a representation of the Italian ethos.

  • What Next after CinCin?

At CinCin, we have created both our beverage and food programs to be inspired by Italy's cultures and their "Dolce Vita" way of life, about eating Italian food and living the Italian way. Everything from the lightness in the space to our breezy al fresco bar has been an expression of our take on Italy. Our goal is to introduce and keep evolving on that Italian way of familial indulging around the table. Our focus for next year is to explore different regions in Italy with their unique cooking style and as well more unique and unexplored Italian pasta delicacies and dishes and present them with a modern style. With our recent launch of the "CinCin Rosso" our fruit forward homegrown wine, we strive to bring to India the easy and fun wine culture that is so prevalent by evolving our wine programme to be even more accessible and fun for the local market. 

Bhavya Kaushal

Former Features Writer

I am a work-in-progress writer and human being. An English graduate from Delhi University, writing is my passion and currently, I am Entrepreneur India's start-up reporter. I love covering start-ups and weaving their stories into unforgettable tales with the power of ink! 

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