Insights From The Euromonitor Global Health And Nutrition Survey

Global market research company Euromonitor International released a new white paper in May, Highlights of the 2019 Health and Nutrition Survey

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This report unveils the data and insights found in Euromonitor International's 2019 Health and Nutrition Survey, with a specific focus on mental well-being, dietary restrictions, sports nutrition as well as vitamins and supplements.


"Consumers are shifting their focus towards a more holistic approach to healthcare. Brands need to ensure that they are looking at their offerings with the same view," says consumer insights research consultant, Amrutha Shirdhar comments.

"Therefore, it is important that they look beyond their immediate competitors and product categories as disruption within health and nutrition industries continue to evolve".

Here are some key trends highlighted in the report:

Growing focus on mental well-being

Consumers are looking at health with a more holistic view and are no longer solely interested in looking good but are highly focused on feeling good as well. 65% of survey respondents agree that the meaning of "Being healthy' is to do with the state of mental welfare.

Interestingly, 60% of respondents also feel that getting enough sleep is a key factor in "Being healthy'.

The rise of stress and anxiety

Japan, Italy and Poland are ranked as the top 3 countries with 20% or more respondents reflecting on high or extreme stress levels due to the rise of social media, fast and on-the-go lifestyle, alongside fluctuating political and environmental landscapes.

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39% of the survey respondents in South Africa, say they are currently experiencing stress and anxiety.

Seeking a balanced diet

Consumers are seeking more traditional ways of eating, with many of them focused on eating a balanced meal rather than one that is full of restrictions.

Maintaining fitness through nutrition

Consumers are seeking to combat their sedentary lifestyles and participate in a variety of exercise activities. The top 3 most sought-after sports nutrition features products are ready to drink, low in sugar and contains a clean ingredients list.

Products that are "free from animal products' and in a "bar format' are amongst the upcoming trend features.

Prevention rather than treatment

Despite busy lifestyles, consumers are seeking convenient methods of getting nutrients and vitamins through supplements to focus on health and wellness rather than treatment.

Respondents from the North American region hold a high level of trust for vitamins and supplements, with nearly 70% of respondents agree that they are generally safe to consume and 60% of them heavily reliant on vitamins and supplements.

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