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Franchising for Entrepreneurs: An Entrepreneur Growth Conference Panel Preview


Interested in breaking into ? Wondering if is for you? Get your questions answered at the "Break into Business Ownership with a " panel discussion at Entrepreneur's Growth Conference.

For the sixth year running, Entrepreneur's Growth Conference will address everything from hands on tools for success to opportunities to pitch editors your business to be featured in Entrepreneur. This year, the conference will take place in on Jan. 22.

While breakout sessions will cover everything from branding to dealing with failure, if you have any interest in the , be sure to check out "Break into Business Ownership with a Franchise." Here's what potential franchisees and franchisors, as well as veterans of the industry have to look forward to in the panel:

Tips of the trade from experts: The panelists are three individuals from across the industry, to provide an array of experiences and advice. Stephen Caldeira brings a sharp awareness of the in's and out's of the business and politics of the industry as the President and CEO of the . Chris Adkins is VP Franchise Sales for the , providing on-the-ground knowledge about the benefits and challenges of franchising. Raymond Areaux offers a deeper understanding of the legal side of franchising, as the chair of his law firm's intellectual property practice group.

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An answer to the question, "Why franchising?": For entrepreneurs eager to run their own companies, franchising provides a different path for success than striking out alone to open a business. The panel will cover issues of affordability and support that franchises provide, and describe some merits they provide over independent companies. Plus, expect discussion of how to figure out what franchise would be right for you: do you want a global brand? Somewhere with a low-cost start-up fee? A business you can manage from home?

A peek into the future of franchising: The panel will provide guidance and predictions for 2014, valuable to both the franchising rookie and the established franchisor. As the industry grapples with policy issues from immigration to Obamacare, new trends are on the rise. In 2013, franchising outpaced the general with growth. Will this year continue the advance of the industry?

Answers to your burning questions: Most importantly, there will be an audience Q and A where you can ask experts in the industry all your burning questions about franchising. Whatever your questions, these panelists will have the answers. So, if you want to learn more about breaking into business ownership, come to Entrepreneur's Growth Conference, ready to ask questions and learn about franchising.

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