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Why a Taco Bell in Chicago Is Hiring a Bouncer


The nation's first boozy Taco Bell is taking steps to be a good neighbor.

A new Taco Bell location in 's Wicker Park neighborhood is planning on having on the , a first for the chain. However, neighbors have expressed concern on how the fusion of fast-food and alcohol will affect the neighborhood, citing the potential for underage drinking and open containers, reports DNAinfo Chicago.

As a result, Taco Bell plans to hire a security guard to work at the from 9 p.m. until midnight on Thursday through Saturdays.

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Taco Bell has also decided that alcohol will not be served after 9 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on Friday and Saturday at the new location. The restaurant is planned to open in late August and expected to provide seating for about 60 customers.

The beverage menu will feature beer and wine, as well as mixed alcohol freezes that offer a fast-food twist on boozy beverages. The freezes will be served in 16-ounce cups, notably different than those for nonalcoholic , with one shot of rum, or tequila.

The location is also differentiating itself in terms of food. The Wicker Park location will serve food in baskets, and have appetizers on the menu that are not available at other Taco Bell restaurants.

The move to bring alcohol to Taco Bell's menu is unlikely to become a national revolution any time soon. However, Taco Bell lovers' above the age of 21 have something to look forward to: the chain is planning on opening a similar concept in the city in September.

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