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Best Job Search Sites for Hiring Freelancers

There are many advantages to hiring freelancers, especially for small businesses. Learn how to find quality short-term contract workers and leverage their services.

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Businesses of all sizes utilize freelancers for a range of projects. Contract workers are a fantastic way to help to meet demands for a quick turnaround when you don't have time or resources for a full-time hire. Freelancers possess specialized skills companies can use to grow their business efficiently. Whether a one-off project or extended contract, freelancer workers can help keep payroll costs down while being valued contributors.


A contract-to-hire model is also common for businesses to test out a professional with the potential to hire full-time. It's a good option for project contracts that may not be renewed or if you expect future growth and want to hit the ground running. Contractors can also ensure you maintain quality work while you recruit a full-time replacement if an employee abruptly leaves the company in the middle of a project.

Every hiring decision takes time and is an investment for a company, so quickly finding the right fit is key. From website developers, video editors, program managers, designers, copywriters, and everything in between, explore the best job search sites for finding freelancers to help your growing business.

Best Overall: Ziprecruiter

ZipRecruiter streamlines the hiring process and makes finding freelance employees across various industries easy. This popular job search site offers powerful free and premium capabilities for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking for full-time, part-time or contractor positions, ZipRecruiter simplifies hiring top talent.


Behance is a social network for creative talent. It's owned by Adobe and allows job seekers to share their portfolios, case studies and work-in-progress projects. The website also showcases creative work from around the world to encourage networking opportunities. Many job seekers use Behance to find internships, freelance jobs, and full-time positions in creative fields.


This online talent marketplace is one of the more economical platforms for discovering freelance workers. Businesses can find project-based talent starting at just $5. In some cases, you get what you pay for, but Fiverr can be highly cost-effective for early-stage businesses and quick one-off projects.


AngelList is a platform for job seekers interested in tech and startup careers. It's a viable option for finding startup-ready talent with experience developing new businesses. AngelList makes it easy to hire remote candidates around the world and offers unlimited messages to applicants.

Working Not Working

Working Not Working is a creative talent community with members in advertising, design, technology, production, photography, and animation. Companies can discover full-time and contract employees using advanced search capabilities to filter by location, skills, experience, rate, and work history.

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