10 Books to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level These books from Entrepreneur Press can make a leader out of you.

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Whether you are in the C-Suite at a multinational corporation or a small-business owner, you're a leader. And one of the most important jobs of a leader is to keep learning and growing. To help you do that, we've curated a list of books that will help you improve your leadership game — and we're offering them at 60% off the retail price for a limited time when you use code LEAD2021 at checkout in our Entrepreneur Press store. Check out these great titles:

Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless by Jeffrey Hayzlett. Known for his "boardroom cowboy" style, global business celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett empowers business leaders to tie their visions to actions, advancing themselves past competitors and closer to their business dream.

Success is Easy: Shameless, No-Nonsense Strategies to Win in Business by Debbie Allen. Every business starts with a spark, an idea or a vision. But it's what you do with that vision that makes you a leader. Motivational speaker, entrepreneur and success expert Debbie Allen is here to prove that your success as a leader is in your hands.

Stress-Less Leadership: How to Lead in Business and in Life by Dr. Nadine Greiner. Stress may sometimes be part of the leadership life, but it doesn't have to be. Combining her firsthand experience, countless case studies and deep-dive research, executive coach and CEO Nadine Greiner, PhD will give you the tools you need to conquer the stress that's holding you back.

The Innovation Mentality: Six Strategies to Disrupt the Status Quo and Reinvent the Way We Work by Glenn Llopis. As a leader, you need the wisdom and courage to turn the spotlight of accountability on yourself. Problem is, most of us have no idea how to do this. Featuring six ways to disrupt the status quo and reinvent the way we work, The Innovation Mentality gives entrepreneurial and corporate leaders the tools they need to work with colleagues and employees to harness the power of positive change.

Total Alignment: Tools and Tactics for Streamlining Your Organization by Riaz and Linda Khadem. From overarching vision to individual competency scorecards, Total Alignment arms you with powerful concepts and tools to run a successful, efficient business. No matter what size or type of business you run, business-strategy experts Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem show you how to align your team and operations from the ground up and from the top down.

Unfiltered: How to Be as Happy as You Look on Social Media by Jessica Abo. Award-winning journalist and speaker Jessica Abo shares her own unfiltered journey as she addresses the relationship between our psychology and technology with the help of experts and psychologists to help you take back your happiness at work and in life.

Dynamic Communication: 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business by Jill Schiefelbein. Telling the story of your business is about more than what you say in the boardroom or in your emails. To get your message across, you have to find a dynamic way to reach your vast audience of stakeholders, consumers and competitors. Business-communication expert Jill Schiefelbein shows you how.

Breakthrough: How to Harness the Aha! Moments That Spark Success by Scott Duffy. Leadership requires more than just knowledge from textbooks, podcasts and seminars. You'll need to think big, take risks and be able to step back and recognize ideas that may already be in front of you. Growth expert Scott Duffy shows you how to turn "aha!" moments into success and scale your business.

Disrupters: Success Strategies from Women Who Break the Mold by Dr. Patti Fletcher. Tech exec and angel investor Dr. Patti Fletcher shows what different women in business have done to reach success as they define it. From board members to CEOs to freelancers, the business world is stacked against women because they follow the unspoken rules of business culture made long before women entered the workforce.

The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures by Jeffrey Hayzlett. There are leaders. Then there are HERO leaders—those who go beyond providing free coffee in the office or giving 10 percent of proceeds to charity. This book is for the leaders, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create a culture in which people are the priority. Hero leaders not only go the extra mile—they take their teams along for the ride.

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