Best Way to Hire Employees: 3 Tips for Landing Top Talent Discover and hire top talent with these simple tips that work for businesses of all sizes.

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Hiring new employees is an exciting opportunity to bring a fresh perspective and unique experience to your company. It can be a sign of a growing business, and you need someone who shares the same values and drive as your organization. However, filtering through a sea of applications is time-consuming and inefficient. Not only is the sheer volume of resumes enough to go through but uncovering quality talent is no easy feat.

Hiring a new candidate can be expensive, and the cost of bringing on the wrong person is even higher. That's why investing in a good hiring strategy is a major key to success. It's no secret every company wants to bring on rockstars and highly motivated individuals, but what is the best way to hire employees?

1. Post on online job sites.

In this modern era of hiring, online job sites are one of the first places job seekers look for openings. As such, they are among the best ways to hire employees.

Online job sites can filter through criteria like salary, experience level, location, etc., while the job site produces relevant roles. From a business perspective, job boards are part of a robust hiring strategy because they streamline the process.

ZipRecruiter, for example, simplifies hiring with powerful AI matching technology that serves highly qualified individuals your listing before they even apply to your company. It's like having an automated shortlist of experienced candidates. It's one reason ZipRecruiter is rated the #1 job site in the US.1.

Businesses can also tap into ZipRecruiter's Invite to Apply feature to invite top candidates to apply for their jobs. ZipRecuiter says jobs where employers use the Invite to Apply feature receive more than 2.5 times more candidates.

2. Leverage employee referrals.

What better way to practice selective hiring than with employee referrals? You can reach quality talent by leveraging your employees' networks. They'll be able to determine if someone would be a good culture fit and if their expertise is suitable for a role.

By offering bonuses like PTO, vouchers, and cash, you'll incentivize current employees to provide hot leads at an affordable price to your company.

3. Be transparent with job candidates.

Your first impression matters, and so does how you manage applicants during the entire hiring process. Even if someone isn't the right fit for a specific role, staying relevant and top of mind is essential. Keep open and transparent communication through each phase.

Popular job sites like ZipRecruiter can save your hiring managers and recruiters time while allowing personalized communications by syncing with Applicant Tracking Systems. Not only does it keep things organized, but this handy function can also let you manage every step from recruitment to onboarding.

1 Based on G2 satisfaction ratings as of December 31, 2020

Entrepreneur Deals

Entrepreneur Deals

Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find useful. 

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