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Couple's Bizarre Wedding Contract Says They Can Only Eat One Pizza a Month

One India-based couple had quite the list of conditions in their now-viral prenuptial agreement.


The key to a successful marriage is compromising, and for these pizza lovers, it made for quite a saucy marriage contract on the day of their wedding.

Instagram via @wedlock_photography_assam
Instagram via @wedlock_photography_assam

Former college classmates and now newlyweds Shanti Prasad and her Mintu Rai tied the knot last month and shared their prenuptial agreement over social media where the video of their terms began to go viral across social media.

Perhaps the most notable (and adorable) agreement? The couple limited themselves to only one pizza per month.

Prasad is quite fond of the food — her first date with her now-husband was a pizza date back in February 2018.

"We bunked the last class of our day and went to a nearby pizza outlet. I knew I had to take her for pizza because she always talked about pizzas," Rai told BBC News.

Prasad's friends also reportedly referred to her as a "pizza freak."

The India-based couple was having pizza all of the time on dates, something that Rai started to grow sick of and something that became a joke among their friends.

"Her love for pizza is second only to her love for Mintu. I think she thinks about pizza in her free time and even in sleep," Raghav Thakur, the couple's friend explained to BBC. "Since we met in college in 2017, we've spent so much time together and become very close. We have seen their romance bloom and we wanted to do something unique, something memorable for them when they got married."

Thus was born the contract, which also included stipulations such as the couple must go shopping every 15 days, that Prasad must go to the gym daily, and that Rai can only go to late-night parties if Prasad is with him.

The contract was a surprise to the couple on behalf of their friends and classmates and the couple plans to frame it in their home following the wedding.

The 16-second video of the couple signing the document has garnered over 2.28 million likes and over 20 million views.

"We never thought that it would travel so far. It was a surprise, a really lovely one. But I feel happy when people ask me about the video," Prasad gushed.

Pizza has become a popular delicacy in India, with the popular chain Domino's being responsible for nearly 70% of pizza delivery in the country, with a presence of around 1,300 stores.

The market had reached an estimated valuation of $1.5 billion by the end of 2019, per a report by Euromonitor International.

The jury is still out on whether or not the couple will be able to limit their consumption of the cheesy delicacy but anything is possible in love and marriage.

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