From Eye Shadow to Entire Houses: 7 of the Craziest 3-D Printed Creations Yet

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For all her expertise in the time-honored art of homemaking, Martha Stewart’s entrepreneurial sensibilities are decidedly cutting-edge.

The 73-year-old uses drones to photograph her sprawling farm in Bedford, N.Y., has no qualms about brutally jabbing competitors, and now, in a brand new essay for CNN, has proclaimed her unabashed “love” for 3-D printers.

Stewart says her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, will use 3-D printing as a way to prototype future product designs.

Previously, such models were outsourced, she writes, “but now that 3-D printers have become readily available, we can prototype our designs for flatware, platters and pots, and get a sense of how they will actually look and feel before we take them to our partners.”

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Given the democratizing impact of 3-D printing, Stewart also imagines families across the country one day printing a multiplicity of personal curios -- from household gadgets to jewelry to replacement parts for broken items.

“The possibilities are endless and magical,” she marvels.

But Stewart might be delighted to learn that a handful of these possibilities are already being realized. From printed desserts made of Nutella to an entire house in Amsterdam, entrepreneurs are employing the burgeoning technology to uproariously imaginative ends.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of seven of the craziest 3-D printed creations yet.

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