11 Startups That Will Let You Enjoy a Life of Leisure

11 Startups That Will Let You Enjoy a Life of Leisure
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On-demand startups have allowed us to become incredibly lazy.

These days, there's no reason to leave your house unless you really want to.

We've compiled a master list of on-demand services that will make you feel like a king without ever leaving home.


Let's say one day you decide to play hooky from work. You'll probably want breakfast. Postmates will deliver from virtually any restaurant you can think of within an hour.

Unwind Me

While you're waiting for breakfast, you can schedule a relaxing massage with Unwind Me. They'll turn your home into a personal spa.


Image credit: Washio | Vimeo
Chores are no fun. Instead of going out to do your laundry and dry cleaning, you can let Washio pick it up and deliver it to you the next day.


Image credit: Shuddle | Facebook
If you have kids but don't want to deal with their stressful schedules, Shuddle will have a professional nanny drive them around for you.


Image credit: Shortcut | Facebook
Shortcut, an "Uber for haircuts," will a send professional barber to your house.


Image credit: Minibar
Maybe you want to throw a party and invite all your friends over. Minibar will bring you beer, wine, and liquor in under an hour.


Image credit: Homejoy
You'll probably need to clean up after that party. Homejoy will send professionals to handle the job while you relax with your feet up.


Image credit: Eaze
If you're in California, Eaze will bring medical marijuana straight to your door.


Image credit: Worthee
Worthee will send someone to take care of your dog for you. Whether Fido needs a walk, training, or pampering, you're all set.


Image credit: Bannerman
If you're feeling naked without your entourage, Bannerman will send security guards to your home or private party.


Image credit: Uber
And should you have to actually go somewhere, UberLux will get you there in style.

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