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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

Answers ranged from a parent, a mentor in their field, an investor, a co-founder or even someone they have never met.

Entrepreneurs have different backgrounds and philosophies and work in a variety of industries, but what they have in common is that they each have a person whom they look up to that affects and inspires their work ethic.

Whether it is a parent, a mentor in their field, an investor, a co-founder, even someone they have never met but whose life and ideas resonate with them, you never know who will profoundly shape how you approach your work and career.

We asked these 10 entrepreneurs, "Who influences you the most in your work?" Here are their responses.


10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

1. Chieh Huang

Chieh Huang | Twitter

Company: Boxed

Influence: I think it would be my mom. My mom started off as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant and ended up being an EVP of a decent sized company. Throughout that time, she never complained once. She just got up and did what she needed to do. In the morning if I’m sluggish, I think, if my mom could do that, I could do this.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

2. Merrill Stubbs


Company: Food52

Influence: My co-founder Amanda. I learn from her every day. One of things she is really good about is communicating directly with people about their performance and their strengths and weaknesses without it feeling like an onslaught of criticism. She's really good at balancing those conversations and people respond well to that.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

3. Kyle Hill


Company: HomeHero

Influence: The CEO of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya. He was one of the first to write a check to HomeHero. I trust what he says about growing company culture and ethics and establishing it early on. He encouraged us to take a team retreat, two days off site, to help figure out our identity.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

4. Jennie Ripps

Company: Owl’s Brew

Influence: My father has influenced me the most. He would always ask questions. Even when he had expertise on a certain topic, he would ask questions of people who weren't necessarily experts in the field. Through doing that he would question his own assumptions. I think asking questions, examining things from multiple levels and getting feedback from my business partner is something he taught me.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

5. Oren Frank


Company: Talkspace

Influence: I read a study once that interviewed people who worked in hospice care. The study quoted the top five regrets of people who were about to pass away. The regrets were very common, but none of the patients said, 'Wow, I'm sorry I didn't work enough.' That idea influences my approach to work.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

6. Tim Chen


Company: Nerdwallet

Influence: Coming out of that [hedge fund] environment, I thought it was the right way to run a company, and I was proved very wrong. Over the years, I’ve learned a ton from a lot of the people at NerdWallet. I’ve learned to approach things with more of an open mind. If I’m doing my job right, each of them is bringing something to the table that I don’t have.  

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

7. Heidi Zak


Company: ThirdLove

Influence: I think my dad is my biggest influence. He grew up on a small farm outside of Pittsburgh. Through a lot of hard work and by focusing on education, he has been really successful in business. I think it's true in life that when you work hard, things will work themselves out for you. That work ethic is also something that I look for when I'm hiring.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

8. Oliver Kharraz


Company: Zocdoc

Influence: My mother. She taught me about discipline, and if you say you're going to do something, you have to do it. She taught me about what it means to live up to my worth.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

9. Gavin Armstrong

Company: Lucky Iron Fish

Influence: Paul Polman the CEO of Unilever. He's been such an inspiration as far as leading a multinational company with a social impact. He put an ambitious socially-thinking strategy in place, because he felt it was the right thing to do, and he did it by going against the traditional approach.
He had to convince shareholders to eliminate quarterly thinking and focus on long-term success. He believes companies should embed value throughout the supply chain, which I believe is the future. And it’s paying off. Their sustainable living brands have increased in performance. He cares and shows his care through his work.

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10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Greatest Influences

10. Jeff Chapin

Jeff Chapin | Twitter

Company: Casper

Influence: My parents. They were builders. It was their passion and hobby to always be making things and fixing the house. It was this notion to not overthink something and just take an initial idea, build it and improve it over time. Nothing is permanent; you can make it better later.

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