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11 Powerful Quotes to Make You More Successful From Billionaire Entrepreneur Richard Branson

Take it from the man who wants to change the world.


From failure to passion to opportunity -- Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has much to share on a variety entrepreneurial topics. And that's because he's pretty much done it all.

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Launching Virgin in his early 20s and growing it into a massive organization that now oversees more than 400 companies worldwide, Branson used passion, motivation and risk-taking to drive him to success. Not only has the genius entrepreneur built a business empire, but he also spends much of his time helping others, enjoying life and even trying to fly people to outer space.

Today, you'll likely catch Branson working on his nonprofit foundation Virgin Unite, meeting and supporting the people who work for Virgin Group or perhaps even taking a quick windsurfing session with Barack Obama.

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There's much to learn from the selfless, courageous entrepreneur.

Here are 11 quotes from Branson that will motivate you to change the world.


On opportunity

On making mistakes

On leadership

On motivation

On failure

On the future

On collaboration

On success

On creativity

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On empowerment

On mindset