#Shepreneurs: Women Painting the Canvas of Art and Culture

Here are women who are changing the face of art and culture with their beautiful tapestries of work

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Art is an expression of her being. It flows naturally from the soul of a being who feels it unconditionally and wholeheartedly within their souls.  Here are women who are changing the face of art and culture with their beautiful tapestries of work.

Beenu Rajpoot

Beenu Rajpoot

Beenu Rajpoot is a fashion designer by profession and a filmmaker by passion. Also, She is a philosophical thinker who has a keen interest in photography. She has made documentaries such as Mirza Ghalib, Born to Dance, Wall of Valour (A tribute to martyrs). She has authored two books on photography and journals for several institutes. 

On Surviving in the Industry

Being an outsider, making space in the film industry is tougher than getting good work. Courage and perseverance are two vital elements that can help a person "survive" in the film industry. Survival in the film industry is tough but NOT impossible!

On Film Making

My definition of making films is very simple, by using the medium of film I want to express, explore, or examine the subject which I have chosen.

On her Role Model

I have always been inspired by Kathak Guru Shovana Narayan from childhood. She is a genius artist. It’s been 20 years now, I am living in Delhi and Shovana Didi has been my mentor from so many years and I have seen her so closely.

Divya Malik

Divya Malik

Divya Malik was born and raised in New Delhi before shifting base to Mumbai for her career. She is an Indian television actress. Currently seen in “Krishna Chali London“ on Star Plus, she has worked in serials like Chand Chupa Badal Mein, Shaurya Veer Eklavya Ki Gatha etc.

On Facing Tough Situations

People are more creative and talented today, so I think competition is increasing every second and I feel learning is the better version of growing as a person. Also, I am always keen to learn whether it is my senior or junior.

On Her Journey

I began my journey by doing small (cameo) roles not knowing that industry has been categorized into two parts of cameo roles and the lead ones. Then later, when I realized I started giving auditions for good characters and bagged a show for big magic called "Jai Maa Vindhyavasini." I always wished to work on GECs like Star Plus or Colors and then I landed a role in "Krishna Chali London" on Star Plus.

An Advice for Millennials

What I feel is if one dreams about it and works really hard, he or she will definitely achieve it. You just need to be patient, and everything will, eventually, fall in place.

Sneha Arora

Sneha Arora

Sneha Arora is a passionate designer. She shares with Entrepreneur India on her inspiration, her profession and much more.  

On Her Goal

I want my designs to be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. I aim to be a brand well known for its quality and design and aesthetic. I like to create detailed apparel for women with the focus on pattern making, fabrics and textiles, print development and execution.

When it Comes to Dressing Up

I think you should always dress for yourself and not others, it’s great to follow trends but not always important, you have to create your own style and make a statement. I would like to advise all women to take pause, to make space and to collect their thoughts, allow some time for themselves and breathe and enjoy all that’s within and out.

Role Model

I think I really like DVF, her prints inspire me a lot, plus the journey of being a princess and a designer is what I love! Just like her, I aspire to be one of the most powerful women in the world, and of course an icon!

Bahaar Rohatgi

Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi

She is a self-taught artist whose works are embedded with soul and passion. While her stint as a lawyer gave her recognition; painting remained in her heart and soul and she has been painting and selling her artworks since 2011. As a full-time artist, she started in June 2015.

On Transitioning from a Lawyer

Creativity has always been an integral part of my life and was deeply rooted in me since childhood. Juggling two full-time commitments had its tradeoffs. The confusion now stands settled as I have made peace with the multi-potentiality status and use the outcome of the marriage of very different disciplines: law and art, to create works that are detached from straightjacket of definition, boundaries to invoke thought or comment on the contemporary society. 

What Art Does to Her

For me art is not just a career, for me is a true reflection of my own self, a way of life. This reflects in what I create – sometimes contemporaneous to my journey, at other times a manifestation of emotions I experienced which resurface from time to time. 

Toppling Society

I have to work doubly hard with carpenters, framers, painters, and authorities for approvals, but that's when being a lawyer comes in handy. I have the perseverance and conviction to get things done. Sometimes, however, the same is seen as a threat by others in authority. But that's what makes the journey exciting: from an outcast to an icon.