How This Tequila Brand Launched a Successful Product at the Outset of the Pandemic Mexican PGA golfer Abraham Ancer and Mexican entrepreneur Aron Marquez joined forces to create Flecha Azul Tequila.

By Melissa Houston

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Two friends who share a love for tequila came together and created a premium product to offer the world.

Mexican PGA golfer Abraham Ancer and Mexican entrepreneur Aron Marquez joined forces to create Flecha Azul Tequila, which is rooted in their love for Mexican culture. It's a tequila meant to eliminate the stigma that the best way to consume tequila is with salt and lime. In fact, a high-quality tequila is meant to be sipped. The company takes the care to provide the additional step to remove the pit of the piña, which is the part of the agave plant that makes tequila bitter.

While the company had five expressions of tequila ready to launch in March 2020, the pandemic changed its plans very rapidly as its launch party and all events were cancelled. Knowing they had to pivot their marketing strategy during their launch they created a new marketing strategy that focussed on social media.

Tequila is the fastest-growing liquor in the world, and trying to bring a new tequila to market during a pandemic where the element of touch, taste and smell would be eliminated from the product launch made it difficult to launch tequila in the traditional way. To take a new tequila to market without those crucial elements would be a financial risk to the new brand.

Flecha Azul Tequila focused on these three elements when bringing its products to market:

1. Pivoting the marketing strategy

An essential key in successfully launching the new product to market during uncertain times was the ability to pivot their strategy quickly and reach their customers through social media strategies. The company was able to build relationships with customers through social media engagement and demonstrating the amount of care they had for the customers.

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2. Managing production costs

With the fluctuating costs of agave, it was important to manage the profit line of the business to ensure the costs don't run too high and dip into profits too much. By watching the price of agave, buying at a lower price was essential to not cut into profit margins too much.

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3. Creating valuable partnerships

Partnerships with restaurants and suppliers are helpful for promoting your product and serving it to clients. The more people are exposed to the product, the more likely they will become regular customers. Ensuring you have positive working relationships with your partners helps ensure the visibility of your product in their restaurants.

After a social media launch and having the product in the marketplace for over a year now in the states of Texas and Georgia, Flecha Azul Tequila is expanding to 48 additional states and Canada by the fall of 2021.

Every action you take in your business will affect your bottom line. For Flecha Azul Tequila, creating a new marketing strategy with its agency, Visionary Playground, helped lead them to a more profitable and successful business.

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