Growth Strategies

Thirsty Cities: How Collaborative Efforts Contribute To Water Conservation

The water storage in the major reservoirs and river basins in the country has dropped less than the average storage recorded in a decade for the corresponding period.

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: UAE-Based Below Farm's Locally Cultivated Mushrooms Aid The Country's Circular Economy Goals

Produced with no pesticides or fertilizers, Below Farm uses fully automated controlled environment systems, adopting an indoor vertical farming technique that requires minimal space, and can be set up anywhere, effectively negating the need for arable land.

Growth Strategies

Digital Transformation in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurs

Agriculture, often termed the backbone of India's economy, is currently undergoing a substantial revolution fueled by digital transformation

Growth Strategies

Startup Spotlight: Jordan-Based Smart Green Is On A Mission To Digitally Transform Conventional Farming Practices Across The MENA Region

One of Smart Green's main offerings is Fertigo, a smart irrigation and fertigation system that aims to address water scarcity.

Starting a Business

Startup Spotlight: Lebanon-Based Dooda Solutions' Earthworm Farms Offer Eco-Friendly Fertilizer Alternatives To Farmers In The Region

Dooda Solutions' vermicompost products aim to enhance soil health as well as provide sustainable solutions for farmers.

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Why Africa Is Becoming the Next Serious Player in Entrepreneurship

Africa's entrepreneurial future is not just promising — it's already unfolding.

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Dam Destruction in Ukraine Sends Global Prices of 2 Common Food Crops Back Up

The flooding threatened hundreds of thousands of residents and a large nuclear power plant.

News and Trends

Aavishkaar Capital Invests INR 16 Crore In INI Farms

The Fund was established with the primary objective of improving these areas especially along the supply chains serving the European markets


Qué deben hacer los negocios agrícolas para sacar partido a la tecnología satelital más moderna

Los negocios agrícolas pueden obtiener múltiples beneficios de la tecnología satelital, pero antes deben de prepararse.

Science & Technology

What Agribusinesses Should Do To Profit From Modern-Day Satellite Technologies

Agribusinesses get a broad spectrum of benefits from satellite technologies but only if they do their homework first.

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Bill Gates Shuts Down Conspiracy Theory About Owning Farmland. No 'Grand Scheme Involved.'

The billionaire has purchased 270,00 acres and many want to know why.

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Joe Burrow, Blake Griffin Team Up to Buy $5 Million Farm in Iowa

Patricof Co. has put together an agriculture purchase by a group of professional athletes for $5 million.

Science & Technology

5 Things Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Agriculture

Fail fast, fail often doesn't work for farmers. Here are five agricultural realities funders and innovators need to understand.

News and Trends

Piatrika Biosystems Raises $1.2 Million Seed Fund

The fund raised will be used to build strong product development team, for more profound research, and to accelerate the productionizing and commercialization of MVP


Technology Is Forging the Future Of India's Farming Practices, Here's How

With the increasing rural Internet penetration and access to affordable tech, the shift to tech-backed agriculture is not an impossible feat anymore