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Judge Rejects Airbnb's Bid to Halt San Francisco Ordinance

The San Francisco ordinance, enacted in August, makes it illegal for Airbnb to collect fees for providing booking services for rentals that had not been properly registered with the city.

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Airbnb Now Requires That Hosts Accept Anti-Discrimination Rules

If you're kicked out for racism or sexism, you can't feign ignorance.

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Airbnb and New York Are in Talks to Resolve Rental Law Lawsuit

The lawsuit came amid ongoing clashes between the online lodging service and local public officials seeking to minimize the impact of short-term rentals.

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Airbnb Sues New York Over Restrictive New Law

The bill bans New York homeowners from advertising rentals of 30 days or less on Airbnb's website.


Airbnb Faces Tough New Regulations Thanks to Law Passed by New York Governor

The new law goes further than before to prevent certain home rentals.

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San Francisco Lawsuit and New York Law Highlight Global Risks for Airbnb

In eight years of torrid growth, the company has often clashed with local public officials seeking to minimize the impact of short-term rentals on neighborhoods.


Learn From These 3 Ways Airbnb Won the Trust It Needed to Succeed

HR professionals could learn a lot from Airbnb about how to increase trust within their companies.

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Sharing Economy, The Newest Trend Of The Market?

"The millennials will drive the sharing economy"

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How Human-Machine Learning Partnerships Can Reduce Unconscious Bias

The human tendency toward bias is so deeply rooted that companies sincere about not discriminating might need machines to help them.

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Airbnb Hires Ex-U.S. Attorney General to Help Shape Policy

Eric Holder, the first African American to hold the position of U.S. Attorney General, will be working on "fair housing and public accommodation issues."

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Airbnb Seeks Funds Valuing it at $30 Billion

The booking site intends to use the financing to support new investments and growth opportunities.

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Airbnb Sues San Francisco Over Registration Policy

Matt Dorsey, a spokesman for the San Francisco city attorney's office, said nothing in the ordinance punishes Airbnb for their hosts' content.

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Google Is Opening Its VR Field Trip App to the Public -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: Small personal drones are making it more difficult to extinguish wildfires.

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Julia Child Foundation Sues Airbnb Over French Home Promotion

In a complaint filed on Tuesday in the California Superior Court in Santa Barbara County, the nonprofit Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts objected to Airbnb's contest last month for a free night at the cottage, La Pitchoune.

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Airbnb Is Meeting With Civil Rights Leaders to Combat Discrimination -- Start Up Your Day Roundup

Plus: Burger King now sells 'Mac n' Cheetos' at select locations.