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Airbnb Announces 'Anti-Party Crackdown' Ahead of Summer

Airbnb is scanning one-and two-night reservations bookings that are potentially high risk for parties.

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Despite Recession Fears and Skyrocketing Airfare, Americans Are Traveling at Record Rates, According to a New Report

"This is expected to be the third busiest Memorial Day weekend since 2000 when AAA started tracking holiday travel."

Growing a Business

Want Hockeystick Growth? Try These Strategies from Airbnb, Slack, Instacart, Dropbox and Netflix

When you look at stories from the early years at these and other hugely successful companies, three trends emerge.

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Airbnb Q1 Revenue Grew By 20% — But Why Did the Stock Drop One Day After the Results?

The results come a week after the company announced 50 new features to the service.

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Airbnb Rolls Out Series of Platform Changes to Help Travelers Save More Money

"Airbnb Rooms" will be a nod (and an upgrade) to the original platform.

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3 Things I Wish I Knew as a First-Time Airbnb Host

Making mistakes as an entrepreneur is perfectly normal, especially if you're new. However, no rule says you have to make blunders for the sake of experience.

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The Pros and Cons of Hosting on Airbnb, VRBO and The Landing

Let's explore the biggest benefits and challenges of these three popular hosting platforms.

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The 'Airbnbust' Proves the Wild West Days of Online Vacation Rentals Are Over

Airbnb recently reported that 2022 was its first profitable year ever. But the deluge of new listings foreshadowed an inevitable correction.

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Is Your Airbnb Watching You? Hosts and Guests Often Clash Over Security Cameras

Are cameras an invasion of privacy or a necessity for business?

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I Ask My Airbnb Guests to Do Chores and Pay a Cleaning Fee — Here's Why

"We decided to up our cleaning fee from $151 to $300."

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Man Documents 'Insane' List of 'Excessive' Rules Plastered All Over Hamptons Airbnb Rental

An Airbnb in Montauk, New York is being scrutinized for its rather specific list of guest rules.

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Avoid These 3 Common Airbnb Mistakes

Got an Airbnb business that's performing poorly? There are several ways to solve the problem. Let's talk about those here.