12 Weird and Wonderful Airbnb Listings, Including a New York Taxi and an Igloo

Take a walk on the wild side for a night or two with these unique listings.

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Nothing is guaranteed while on the road, other than adventure.

From a taxi to a parking lot, if you’ve got the pension for the outrageous, these peculiar Airbnb postings might just be the thing you’re looking for.


A parking lot bed

If you’d like your own slice of paradise, check out this Airbnb listing for a cozy bed in the middle of a parking lot for $11.50 a night.


An Austrian igloo

The hills come alive in this chilly abode, an actual igloo in Austria for $60 a night.

Taking flight

Though the listing isn’t taking reservations anymore, at one point folks could land in this spacious airplane apartment for a couple of nights. The jet came complete with all the essentials, including a bathroom and kitchen.

“Shell” we stay here?

Shell out some cash (about $300 a night) to “sea” this humble abode and live like Poseidon at this listing -- built to look like a giant sea shell.

A night in the dog house

You don’t have to get in trouble to stay at this nifty Airbnb listing. This giant dog house doesn’t come with Clifford the Big Red Dog, but it may have your tail waggin’.


Living in the wild

Perch amongst the Tropicbirds in this Nicaraguan tree house for $185 a night. The home comes with a great view of the forest and ocean.


Inside the bubble

Sleep under the stars in this bubble home. There’s no need for curtains when staying in this clear-walled dome in France.

The rock n’ roll lifestyle

You might not have to know the gingerbread man to stay at this gingerbread house, but you should know that the home reportedly survived the soundwaves of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar. The superstar apparently once stayed at this Airbnb cottage getaway.

Night at the aquarium

Want to win a stay for two at a shark aquarium? Thanks to this listing, now you can. 

The listing better speaks for itself: "Imagine yourself submerged in three million liters, in an aquarium ten meters deep, alongside 35 of the most majestic creatures on Earth: sharks!" 

With all the bells and whistles, the "underwater" bedroom comes with a 360-degree view of the tank. 

Apparently, the stay would also include entertainment as the host Fred Buyle, a world record-breaking freediver, underwater photographer and shark enthusiast, will take a dive and dance with the deadly beasts. 

In the Aquarium de Paris, located by the Eiffel Tower in France, the room will later serve as an observation deck for biologists.  

For more information on the unique Airbnb opportunity and how to enter the competition, check out the origional listing here. 

NYC Taxi

For $49 a night, you could sleep in a “swanky” New York City taxi. This listing includes the comforts of a full-sized bed and is located 10 minutes from Times Square. The taxi's host, Jonathan, notes, “I can interact with you if you would like, but also respect your privacy.”


A dog lover's retreat

Need to get away and lounge by a lake? Want to do so with a cute little dachshund by your side? "The Hotdog Hideaway Pet Friendly Waterfront Cabin" in Marcellus, Mich., promises both. 

"We are SO pet friendly in fact, that you can RENT A WIENER WHILE YOU ARE HERE!!" the listing reads.

A house made of Lego.

While it doesn’t sound very comfortable, it sure makes for a good story. In Denmark, there’s a house made entirely of Lego. The 25-million Lego brick home features Lego chairs, Lego tables and even a Lego bed (but don’t worry -- there’s a mattress on top). In collaboration with the Lego House in Denmark, Airbnb is offering someone the opportunity to stay at the Lego house for free as part of its “Night At” competition. To enter the contest, you have to say what you would make with an endless supply of Lego. The winners could spend one night in the house and meet with a Lego master builder to hang out and learn some Lego-building tips.
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