Growing a Business

Porter's Five Forces Explained — Here's a Comprehensive Guide to the Managment Model.

If you're familiar with strategic management, you may have heard about Porter's Five Forces. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Operations & Logistics

Here's How Data Analytics Is Improving Dining Experiences While Helping Increase Revenues for Restaurants

At a restaurant, key data points are generated each time an order is placed and payment is made. These data points help restaurants craft the perfect consumer response.

News and Trends

Uber Alumni Startup Hatica Raises $3.7 Million Seed Funding

The fund raised will be utilized to double down the hiring and expand the team globally


Why This Ugly Duckling of Marketing Might Just Save Your Business

Despite their popularity in pre-pandemic days, predictive analytics is crucial to your marketing strategy.


Google Analytics 4 Rolls Out Next Year. Here's What You Need to Know Now and How It Can Help Your Marketing Efforts in the Future.

GA4 is an entirely new data model that will measure data next July, and businesses need to prepare their marketing strategy in advance. Here's how and why.

Data & Recovery

Using Data Analytics Will Transform Your Business. Here's How.

Many startups incorporate data into their decision-making. Find out what makes analytics so valuable.


Next Best Actions, Offers and Products. Is Next Best Experience the Future?

Marketing strategies that rely on identifying the next best way to reach your customers are evolving in exciting directions.


How to Lead With Empathy Powered by Data

Take a look at three essential considerations for implementing a workforce analytics platform that will help you lead with more empathy and better data.


The Digital Lender

KreditBee is contributing to the Indian financial inclusion imperative by extending credit to the underserved population

Science & Technology

Use These 5 Keys to Unlock Data Agility

Too often companies expend so much effort in security that truly profitable data application is sacrificed: proven ways of ensuring both.

Science & Technology

What Is Machine Learning, and How Can It Help With Content Marketing?

Artificial intelligence helps create content more likely to generate conversions.

Starting a Business

10 Things to Check Before Launching a Website

Here are some critical pre-flight steps, from proofreading to validating code to adding sitemaps.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Lack of Workforce Insight Is Killing Your Business

Workforce analytics can cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

Science & Technology

How to Climb Out of the Four Greatest Data Strategy Pitfalls

For one, don't think data is telling you to go one way when, in reality, the world is going in another.


Critical Analytics That Will Improve Your SEO Results

Improving results depends on how much valuable information you can collect and how you decide to use it.