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These Startups Are Preventing India's Rich Handicraft Culture From Fading Away

Startup community realised artisans typically are unaware of market places and heavily rely on middle men

Debarghya Sil

Pop Artist and Entrepreneur Todd Goldman Plans Earth Day NFT Release For Charity

After making more than $1 billion from his art, Goldman is entering NFT world.

Chloe Arrojado

Surviving The Art World During A Crisis: A Crash Course For The Art Entrepreneur

Like all industries, the pandemic drove people in the art industry amok- however, this resulted in them working together and finding new ways of resurrecting, connecting, redefining, and stretching the commercial reach of art.

Sam Saliba

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Business Successes (and Failures) of Artists

Surprisingly, artists face many of the same career challenges as people in business.

John Boitnott

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z's Powerful New Song Celebrate Entrepreneurs, Struggle, Hope , Ambition

The five-minute video is a story that many entrepreneurs can relate to. And the biggest learning is how racism, casteism, and classism are feed into each other around the globe

How Unemployment Amid COVID-19 Led Patrick Osman To Launch His Own Artistic Venture, I'm Cartoonified

I'm Cartoonified was launched over a month ago, and Osman says he has already made double the salary that he used to at his previous job.

How the Music Industry Is Affected Owing to the Covid-19

A mainstay of millions, the wave of the pandemic has hit the spot and has strained many facets of the industry. What are the repercussions and the out-turn?

Asli Daud

BandsinTown's Data First Approach Could Revive The Crippled Touring Business from COVID-19

In an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur, we met with Sergeant virtually over Zoom to discuss the state of the global touring business amidst COVID-19, how Bansintown's data will mitigate risk and maximize profit for both artists and promoters, and why the firm's mission continues to focus on scaling independent artists

Clayton Durant

International Artists Reveal The Art & Science of Being a DJ

Flumes, Lost Frequencies and more talk about how to DJ right

Dhvani Bhanushali - The Pop Sensation and Million View Queen

700+ million views on her song Dilbar and 425+ million views on Ishare Tere with Guru Randhawa, Dhvani Bhanushali is the new talk of the Tinseltown

Meet Ritviz, the New Desi Electronica Master on the Block

While Nucleya started giving us new mixes infusing electronica with folklores, Ritviz became the new electronica leader