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Creator of the Iconic Pink Plastic Flamingo Dies

Don Featherstone was 79. His kitschy lawn ornament is still standing.


The Cultural Emissary: Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, Founder, Barjeel Art Foundation

As the face of Barjeel, Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi is a highly active in the cultural community, and considered the catalyst of some of region's most spirited art discourse.

Starting a Business

Keeping Crafty Company: ideyna, An E-Commerce Platform For GCC Artisans

ideyna co-founders Nafisa Rebello and Ekta Saran on building a viable e-commerce platform through showcasing merchandise of local and regional designers and artisans.


Art-Tech Startup Makes the Digital Picture Frame Super Classy

Meural's matte LCD display screen is set into a handcrafted maple wooden frame.


Art Imitates Life: Global Art Forum 2015 Gets Techy

This year's Global Art Forum takes a focus on the intersection of technology and culture.


Everything I Know About Business I Learned By Selling on a Street Corner

A lifelong inventor found the secrets of success after failing to hock goods at a street fair.

Social Media

Tumblr Launches New Ad Initiative to Connect Popular Bloggers With Major Brands

The Creatrs Network would give marketers access to the kind of content that is already resonating among Tumblr's 420 million total users.

Starting a Business

Artistic Inclinations: MENA Platform Lets You Buy And Sell Fine Art Online

Artscoops is an online platform specializing in buying and selling art from MENA artists and commercial galleries.

Growing a Business

5 Points of Success Entrepreneurs Can Learn From a Masked Street Artist

New York City-based 'Alec Monopoly' gets paid to paint and has partnered with huge brands and celebrities.

Business News

Seattle Artist Says She Lost Millions of Dollars, Sues 'Angry Birds' Maker

A U.S. judge approved the lawsuit, which claims that an artist was cheated out of possibly millions of dollars from the sale of the brand's pet toys she designed.


Masterpieces To Be Presented At The Louvre Abu Dhabi

Along with its own collection, the Louvre Abu Dhabi has announced that it will also display approximately 300 artworks on loan from French institutions by the Masters.


5 Tips for Creatives to Profitably License Their Work

Starving is no way to live, even for artists. Licensing creative work for the consumer market can put food on the table.


Reddit Co-Founder: Crowdfunding Is Powering a Second, Much Bigger Renaissance

Alexis Ohanian says that technology means more creators can pursue their craft and get paid for it. The Internet means that people all over the world are becoming patrons of artists all over the world.

Social Media

You Never Thought Social Media Could Look Like This

Artists have created an installation that allows us to see social-media sentiment in the physical, real world. It's so weird you have to see it for yourself.


5 Guidelines to Maximize Freelance Employees

Your business might be small, but its look and feel doesn't have to be. Hiring outside help is quick and effective.