5 Non-Negotiables When Building a Successful Art Business

Every day, artists make a living from their art -- without sacrificing their passion or their creativity. Following these five steps, you can build a successful art business that supports you and your creative spirit.

Jodie King

Opportunity Knocks: The Middle East Is The Emerging Art Market To Watch

With the correct funding and ambition, we could be set to enter a golden age of Middle Eastern art.

Patrick McCrae

10 Things That Should Be Taught in Art School

As an artist or creative, you may have completed formal education or an apprenticeship in our medium. However, there are other elements to life and work as an artist that just aren't covered in professional education or training.

Jodie King

How NFTs Have Changed Digital Art Forever

NFTs are demolishing the limiting paradigms of the art world.

I'm An Independent Musician Whose Music Has Appeared In TV, Movies, and Video Games. Here's How I Did It.

It's all about connecting with the right people (and of course, having the music they want).

Black Prez

The Art Oligarchy Is Over: NFTs Have Opened the Market to All

The art world is no longer controlled by art dealers, galleries and curators. Thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), anyone can now find and buy investment-grade artworks in a matter of clicks.

Raoul Milhado

How You Can Break into the Exciting New World of NFTs

Learn how the blockchain is changing the world of art security.

This Artist's Journey Started From Streets, Ended up In Galleries

Seek One's vibrant pieces are composed on wood panels with a base of vintage newspapers and magazines, spray paint, acrylics, oils, and resin all add to his unique style

Prasoon Arya

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Make Great Artists

These two groups of people are more similar than you think.

Maria Brito

These Startups Are Preventing India's Rich Handicraft Culture From Fading Away

Startup community realised artisans typically are unaware of market places and heavily rely on middle men

Debarghya Sil