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I Made $2 Million a Year as a Corporate Spy. Here's How I Got the Job — and My Strategy for Uncovering the Most Guarded Secrets.

Robert Kerbeck left his family automobile business behind to become an actor in New York — then things took a very interesting turn.

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Woman Buys $4 Painting at Thrift Store, Finds Out It's an Authentic N.C. Wyeth and Sells For $191,000

In 2017, a woman stumbled upon a painting at a New Hampshire thrift store, which caught her attention while searching for frames.

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Talk About a 'Happy Accident:' Here's How Much It Will Cost You to Buy an 'Exceedingly Rare' Bob Ross Painting

The painting was the first to be featured on his show "The Joy of Painting."

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7 Ways Creatives Can Embrace Entrepreneurship

Here are seven ways artists can embrace their entrepreneurial side and make a living from their art.

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How Technology Can Help Artists Make Money Through Their Online Audiences

The music industry has shifted incredibly in the last couple of decades. Tech companies are trying to empower artists and help them make more money.

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The Beatles Will Release a 'Final Record' Made With AI, Paul McCartney Says

McCartney, one of the two living Beatles members, said during an interview that artificial intelligence was used to include the late John Lennon's voice in a track.

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How Embracing Your Inner Artist Skyrockets Your Business Success

Here's how engaging in an artistic outlet benefits business leaders.

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Two Rembrandt Paintings Are Headed to Auction After Being Hidden for 200 Years. Here's How Much They're Expected to Fetch.

The works of art are the last pair of Rembrandt portraits to remain in a private collection.

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10 Lady Gaga Quotes to Inspire You to Be Your Authentic, True Self

The pop star wants everyone to learn to love themselves.


British-American Artist Anthony James' "Light" Exhibition In Dubai Encourages Visitors To Look Deeper Within Their Selves

James' ability to work with mirrors and reflective surfaces have been created with the hope that the viewer is able to look beyond physical reflections.

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Will the Age of the NFT Destroy Traditional Art?

Traditional artwork has been used as a store of wealth for centuries, but perhaps NFTs can serve as a replacement.

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Learn to Work with AI Art Using Google's Best Overall App of 2022

Start exploring AI art with this award-winning app.


Harun Robert: Your Art Guy Next Door

Inspiring, entertaining, and aspirational, the three words perfectly define Rob's content, which has now taken a drastic leap from a television medium to a digital one

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Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2022: Alia Al Farsi, Founder, Alia Gallery

Housing more than 100 works by the artist depicting womanhood, society and Sufism, Alia Gallery is currently the largest private art gallery in the country.

Growth Strategies

The Art Of Starting A Business In Art (From A Woman's Perspective)

An ever-evolving industry fueled by creativity and passion, art has transformed to play an increasingly important role in supporting economies through tourism, developing cultural understanding, and facilitating innovation.