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In a Leaked Recording, Amazon's Audible CEO Dishes on Rivalry with Spotify's New Audiobook Business. 'It's Hard to Ignore.'

"To say that that is not something that we should be paying close attention to would be business irresponsibility."

Science & Technology

3 Publishing Trends You Must Know in 2024

Audiobooks, ebooks and AI are incredible for the opportunities provided and our wider availability to reach others.

Growth Strategies

Startup Spotlight: Tunis-Born Reedz's Arabic Audiobook Platform Caters To A Growing Need For Condensed Content

Currently built as a freemium model that allows users to access some of the audiobooks, podcasts, and other content on the app, Reedz's premium version gives unlimited access to the entire library.

Growing a Business

How to Book Yourself on 10 Podcasts in 10 Weeks

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most leveraged business exposure and growth tools. Here's how you can get yourself onto ten podcasts in the next ten weeks.

Side Hustle

4 Creative Side Hustles That Fight Inflation and Earn Extra Cash

The cost of living is rising worldwide, but so is the number of easy-to-use digital tools enabling micro-influencers to make money from a variety of creative content. Younger, tech-savvy people are tapping into the digital revolution to monetize their creativity in a bid to fight inflation.

Growth Strategies

Sweden's Storytel And UAE's Kitab Sawti Officially Merge In A Bid To Create The World's Largest Arabic Audiobook Library

Storytel founder and CEO Jonas Tellander and Kitab Sawti founder Sebastian Bond on building a business that encourages greater love for stories.

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Fly Through Your Reading List This Year with This Micro Book Library

12min gives you instant access to nearly 2,000 micro books.


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5 Best Audio Book Apps You Can Indulge In Without Stressing Your Eyes

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#6 Audio Series That Guarantees Relaxation and Instant Relief

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Lockdown with Kids: 5 Audiobook Apps for Productivity and Cognitive Development

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Pushing the Limits

From being a war journalist for Rolling Stone to becoming one of the top disruptive leaders, Donald Katz has come a long way. Here he talks about his time as a war correspondent and his entrepreneurial journey.


Creating Loud, Interesting, And Vocal Content With Audible CEO Donald Katz

Audible India made its debut last year and finally Indians have access to original content and over 2,00,000 English audiobooks, but there's more, in store, says Audible CEO, Donald Katz