5 Best Audio Book Apps You Can Indulge In Without Stressing Your Eyes

Listening to an audio book is an easy alternative to explore any book in an interesting way

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A good book can enrich, entertain and exercise your mind, all at the same time. While reading is a passion for many, there are others who can't read over a page without dozing off. Even for those who love reading, it surely stresses out the eyes after prolonged periods. Listening to an audio book is an easy alternative to explore any book in an interesting way.

The essence of the current-day audio book
In the generation of social media and bustling lives, most of us can't find the time to sit down to read a book. Audio books club the idea of going through the book along with several other benefits. You can be take a cab ride, wash dishes or perhaps even do a quick workout, all while listening to an audio book.

If you've always wanted to read but couldn't build an appetite for it, or if you're too busy to get back to reading, try an audio book app to listen to your favourite books.

Here are 5 best audio book apps that you can try out to listen to your favourite books on the go.

Audible in affiliation with Amazon Kindle is a great go-to for book lovers. You can access a wide selection of books for free and additionally access some premium purchases. This audio book app is suited for Android users while also being priced reasonably with a variety of features as well as original shows for you to access. It is hands down on of the best options for audio books on Android.

Google Play Books
If you're looking for a free audio book app to test the waters and don't want to make any commitments yet, Google Play Books is the app for you. With a no-subscription format and a range of free audio books, you can also access exciting new releases at minimal costs with Google Play Books.

Apple Books
For an iPhone, iPad or iPod user, Apple Books is an easy audio book app option. It allows you to access a premium collection of audio books that you can download easily as per your choice. It renders an extremely user-friendly interface that will make your experience seamless.

Hoopla is an audio book app for both Android and iOS users. You can stream movies, listen to books and access a library with a plethora of features and services. As a free audio book app it offers some pretty comprehensive features for both Web and mobile-based services.

Free Audio books
As the name suggests, this is an app where you can access free audio books that are in the public domain. You can download and listen to a book even in the offline mode. With an interactive UI, it is a great option for those who want to try out some interesting audio books.

Final Words
Download one of these apps to get on the audio books band wagon. Enrich your mind without even having to set aside any time from your daily schedule. Plug on your earphones and start listening during chores or any other time that you like. Read a book to keep your mind enlightened, or even better, listen to one!